Alexa Ray Joel Biography, Age,Boyfriend, Christie Brinkley and Net worth

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Alexa Ray Joel Biography

Alexa Ray Joel is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is known for Family Guy (1999), Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust (1986) and Always at The Carlyle (2018). Alexa’s parents are singer-songwriter Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley.

She released an EP Sketches (2006) and several singles on independent record labels. Alexa has also performed at several charity events and New York City fashion events.  In 2010 she was chosen to be the spokesmodel for Prell shampoo.

Alexa Ray Joel Age | Alexa Ray Joel Date Of Birth

Alexa was born on December 29, 1985 in Manhattan, New York. She is 33 years old as of 2018.

Alexa Ray Joel Height

Alexa stands at a height of 1.57 m.

Alexa Ray Joel Family | Alexa Ray Joel Christie Brinkley | Alexa Ray Joel As A Child

Alexa was born in Manhattan, New York.  She is  the daughter of singer Billy Joel and his second wife, model Christie Brinkley.  Alexa’s middle name, Ray, is in honor of musician Ray Charles. Alexa has a half-brother Jack Paris Brinkley Cook (né Taubman, born June 2, 1995) and a half-sister Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook (born July 1, 1998), both children of her mother Christie Brinkley.  On her father’s side she also has two half-sisters named Della Rose (born August 12, 2015), and Remy Anne (born October 22, 2017) born to his fourth wife, Alexis.

Alexa’s father, Billy Joel, wrote his 1993 song “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” for her, and she has stated it is her favorite song of his.  Billy 1989 song “The Downeaster Alexa” is titled after a boat he named after her, but is about the struggles of Long Island fishermen.  Alexa is also referenced in her father’s 1989 song “Leningrad” (with lyrics: “…He made my daughter laugh, then we embraced…”), in which “He” refers to a Russian man who became a circus clown after being in the Red Army.

Alexa is known for her melodic song writing, and has noted that her musical upbringing with her father gave her a “unique inside-peek into the songwriting process,” and “It’s no wonder I write music in the same way (my father) does: melody first, and lyrics second.”She stated  that by age 15 she was finishing complete songs and complementing those songs with piano accompaniment, and writing poetry.

Alexa Ray Joel Boyfriend | Alexa Ray Joel Dating

Alexa began dating restaurateur Ryan Gleason in 2013. On January 1, 2018 they became engaged.

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery | Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job

Despite speculation that Alexa had a lot of work done on her face, she insists, “The only thing I have ever had done is my nose.”

She told People magazine that her April 2010 nose job came after five years of consideration, and was to correct a deviated septum and to feel better about herself,  Joel having been “self-conscious of pictures taken from the side.” She explained that her surgery waited until she “was in a better place” than at the time of her Traumeel incident four months earlier, further stating that she is “done with plastic surgery”.

Alexa Ray Joel Net Worth

Alexa has an estimated net worth of $10 million

Alexa Ray Joel Notice Me

Alexa ‘s single, “Notice Me” , released on May 24, 2010, was listed as a “Hit-Bound song” on the Sirius XM Hits 1 satellite radio channel in August 2010. Newsday described the single as having a “carefree braininess” and “bouncy guitar riffs and an instantly hummable chorus” that made Joel’s work “sound like Regina Spektor crossed with Katy Perry.” “Notice Me” is Joel’s first collaboration with producer Tommy Byrnes and her first since signing with Long Beach, New York management company OCD Music Group/The Hang Productions. Joel described the “Notice Me” video as using fashion to show both a modern look and a vintage throwback look.

Alexa Ray Joel Songs | Alexa Ray Joel Music

(August 2006) (EP, Audio Bee (label)

  • The Heart of Me
  • Now its Gone
  • Don’t Let it Bring You Down
  • The Revolution Song
  • Resistance
  • Song of Yesterday

For All My Days
(January 2008) (single, Audio Bee (label))

  • For All My Days

(October 2009) (single)

  • Invisible

Notice Me
(May 2010) (single, Audio Bee or OCD Music Group/The Hang Productions or ARJ Music (label))

  • Notice Me

“All I Can Do Is Love”
August 1, 2011 (single, ARJ Music)

  • All I Can Do Is Love

Beg You to Stay
(November 8, 2011) (single, ARJ Music)

  • Beg You to Stay

Just the Way You Are
(September 16, 2013) (single)

  • Just the Way You Are

Alexa Ray Joel And Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley enjoyed a girls-only outing with her daughter Alexa Ray Joel.

The Christie and her daughter Alexa showed their support for a good cause as they attended the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards together in New York on Tuesday February 12, 2019.

Alexa’s ,mother exuded glamour in a red velvet suit and sparkling turtleneck with a head full of long, cascading waves.  She looked simply dazzling as she worked her magic at the event, flashing her signature bright smile.

Her mother also  topped up her complexion with a shade of bronze blush, mascara, while adding a hint of shimmer with her glossy lips.
She added a stunning touch with her metallic cuff bracelet while sweeping her hair back into a romantic style that showed off her flawless complexion.

That night Alexa was one of the performers serenading the crowd , and no doubt had audience in the palm of her hand as she worked her magic on stage.

She commanded the crowd with a stirring performance.

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