Angie Bowie Biography, Age, David Bowie, Daughter And Net worth

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Angie Bowie Biography

Angie Bowie (Mary Angela Barnett) is an American model, actress and journalist.  Along with her ex-husband David Bowie, influenced the glam rock culture and fashion of the 1970s, in part by demonstrating openness about personal bisexuality.

Angie was married to English singer David Bowie. She assisted him in conceptualizing the costumes for the Ziggy Stardust stage show from 1970 until their divorce in 1980. They  had one child, film director Duncan Jones.

Angie Bowie Age

Angie was born on September 25, 1949 in Cyprus. She is 69 years old as of 2018.

Angie Bowie Family | Angie Bowie Young

Angie Bowie was born as Mary Angela Barnett, in Cyprus. He is the daughter of  Col. George M. Barnett, a United States Army veteran,  and  Helena Maria Galas Barnett, a naturalized Canadian. Her father George was a mining engineer and ran a mill for Cyprus Mines Corporation. Angie has one brother, who is 16 years older than her. Her both her parents died in 1984.

Angie  is of English and Polish descent,  and she was raised as a Roman Catholic. However, in 2000 she has identified as a Cypriot, writing, “I am a Cypriot by disposition. I don’t have a passport or Cypriot nationality but my heart is Cypriot, not Greek or Turkish Cypriot, just Cypriot.

Angie Bowie Big Brother

Angie appeared on the seventeenth series of Celebrity Big Brother on January 5, 2016.  On 10 January, she was informed off screen of the death of her former husband David Bowie. Although she initially chose to stay in the house, on January 19 she voluntarily decided to leave, in part on medical grounds.

Angie Bowie Education

She was educated in Cyprus, Switzerland, and the UK (Kingston Polytechnic).  Angie  briefly attended Connecticut College until she was expelled after an affair with someone of the same sex, an event mentioned in her 1981 autobiography, Free Spirit.

David Bowie Angie Bowie

In 1969 Angie met musician David Bowie in London ,at the age of 19. According to her, the two met through their mutual friendship with record executive Dr. Calvin Mark Lee.  They got married one year later, on March 19, 1970 at Bromley Register Office in Beckenham Lane, London. They were both bisexual and had an open marriage.

According to Angie they were not in love and the union was a marriage of convenience. She told the Evening Standard, “We got married so that I could work [to get a permit]. I didn’t think it would last and David said, before we got married, ‘I’m not really in love with you’ and I thought that’s probably a good thing.” Their son was born on May 30, 1971 Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones; whom later preferred to be known as Joe or Joey, but has since reverted to the name Duncan Jones.

Angie and David separated after nine years of marriage  and finally divorced on February 8, 1980,  in Switzerland. In the divorce settlement Angie received £500,000 paid in installments and a ten-year gagging clause. Avoiding fight over custody, she left their son with Bowie. Angie claims Bowie’s drug habit had becoming so out of control that she believed giving him the responsibility of raising their son would stabilize him.

During their marriage,Angie often accompanied her husband on his international concert tours. Bowie wrote the song “The Prettiest Star”, about her.  After the divorce, she claims she was blackballed from the entertainment industry and was so depressed that she considered suicide.

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