Believable or Believe the Bull?

Here are your Extremely Boring Yet Curiously

Interesting Facts for Friday May 13. Watch out for

the black cat in today’s path of movie facts.

Although Harvey Keitel frequently plays

Italian-American characters, he is of Polish-Jewish


Since she speaks French fluently, Jodie Foster uses

her own voice to dub the French versions of her films.

In For The Love of The Game Kevin Costner’s frontal

nudity scene was reportedly deleted after test

audiences laughed during this scene’s screenings.

Robert Duvall is a direct descendant of General Robert

E. Lee.

Orlando Bloom’s real name is Jonathan Blanchard Bloom

– he adopted the “Orlando” because he’s a huge Disney

World fan.

Born in 1921, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

Anthony Hopkins became an American citizen on April

12, 2000. He was allowed to retain his British

Knighthood and the title of Sir.

To prepare for 1976’s Taxi Driver, Robert DeNiro

worked for a month driving cabs, he also studied

mental illness.

An avid L. A. Lakers fan, Jack Nicholson never misses

a home game. Producers of his films are contractually

required to work his shooting schedule around the

Laker’s schedule.

Johnny Depp’s nickname “Colonel” was given to him by

the late Hunter S. Thompson.

Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito’s relatives ran a hair

salon together when they were young boys.

Your haiku for today is:

Ashes to ashes

Our time in this world is short

Get some on the side

Orlando Bloom’s birth certificate reads Orlando

Jonathan Blanchard Bloom.

Take it light,