Everything You Need To Know About Computer-based Access Control Systems

Access control refers to the technique that can control entry in and out of a particular area. It is an improvised version of a standard lock that uses a brass key to open and close the access to a door. The computer-based systems are also known as electronic card access control systems. It uses a special access card instead of the traditional brass key, allowing people to enter or exit the secured area. Office systems are most commonly used to control entry into exterior doors of buildings. Office systems can control access into certain areas within the buildings’ interior. It’s not uncommon to see domestic CCTV installers placed in every nook and corner of the buildings in the commercial areas. The office access control system is the most cost-effective security system that is used by almost every business to protect their property. Nowadays, they’re becoming a more frequent occurrence in homes too. In the same way, the Office System is the best security system installation for Administration buildings. If you are planning to execute one, you can search for “domestic CCTV installers near me” in Google, and find the best service provider as per your requirements. Primary Components of an Access Control System There are many different types of computer-based systems based on their components and complexity. However, the primary components of a standard access control system include – Access Cards People use card to enter and exit through the doors having system installed. Every access card encoded with a unique identification number looks like credit/debit cards easily stored in any purse or wallet. Card Readers The devices used to read cards are known as card readers. The card readers require inserting the card. Card readers are mounted on the exterior (non-secured) side of the door that they control. Access Control Keypads Access control keypads are devices used in addition to card readers having numeric keys that look the same as the keys on a dial-up telephone. The person entering the secured door requires to enter the unique passcode using access control keypads to enter in or out. Electric Lock Hardware Electric lock hardware is the equipment that used to electrically lock and unlock each door that is controlled by the access control system. Electrical lock hardware designed to control entrance into a building or secured space should comply with building and fire codes. The electrical lock hardware never restricts the ability to exit the building freely. Access Control Field Panels Access control field panels installed in each building with systems. The access control field can process control activity at the building level. The number of field panels provided in each building depends on the number of doors controlled. Access Control Server Computer The control server computer works as the file manager and central database for the control system. It records system activity and distributes information across control field panels. Using the Access Control System The system requires all persons desiring to enter the building must use their access card. The user needs to insert the card installed at the main door to enter or exit the building. The card reader reads the card identification number and instantly sends it to the access control field panel. The access control field panel verifies the card’s validity and allows the user to enter or exit the door. Besides entry/exit, the access field panel also transmits the valid access transaction record to the server computer to store that information securely. If the card used by the user is duplicate or has expired, the control field panel will reject the entry of the user. Access control can store transaction records of all invalid access attempts. The transaction record stores the name of the cardholder trying to enter the premises. Also, it stores information about the reason for rejecting the entry. Benefits of Using Computer-Based Access Control System Increase Ease of Access for Employees. Get Rid of Traditional Keys. Save Money and Energy. Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes. Protect Against Unwanted Visitors. It provides the employees to work with flexible timings. Prevent Against Data Breaches. Conclusion The key purpose of control system is to allow convenient entry/exit to authorized people and secure the property from unauthorized entries and trespassing at the same time. If you are planning to purchase the best security system for your property, look for “domestic CCTV installers near me” or “security system installation services” now, and get an exceptional security system installed in your property.