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Ayman Mohyeldin Biography

Ayman Mohyeldin is an American journalist based in Los Angeles for NBC News. Previously he worked for Al Jazeera and CNN.

Ayman Mohyeldin
Ayman Mohyeldin

He was one of the first Western journalists allowed to enter and report on the handing over and trial of the deposed President of Iraq Saddam Hussein by the Iraqi Interim Government for crimes against humanity. Ayman has also covered the 2008–09 Gaza War  as well as the Arab Spring.

Ayman Mohyeldin Age

Ayman was born in Cairo, Egypt in April 18, 1979. He is 40 years old as of 2019.

Ayman Mohyeldin Height | Ayman Mohyeldin How Tall

Ayman stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inch and weighs around 80 kg. Similarly, he has hazel black eyes with a carbon black shinning hair.

Ayman Mohyeldin Family

Ayman was born in Cairo, Egypt. He is the son of Egyptian father, Medhat Mohyeldin, and a Palestinian mother, Abla Awwad. Ayman’s father is a certified public accountant in Marietta, Georgia. He has an older brother, Ahmed, who is a resident neurosurgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center  and former professional soccer star for the Atlanta Silverbacks. Ayman lived in Egypt until the age of 5 when his parents emigrated to the U.S.

Ayman Mohyeldin Education

Ayman went to North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia. He received his undergraduate education at American University in Washington D.C., earning a BA in International Relations with a focus on the European Union. He received an MA in International Politics with a focus on Peace and Conflict Resolution. His graduate thesis was entitled, “The News Media Paradigm in the War on Terrorism,” and, in 2002, it was accepted by the International Association of Media Researchers Conference in Barcelona, Spain. From 2003–2005 he lived in Iraq  as a foreign news producer with CNN.

Ayman Mohyeldin Wife | Ayman Mohyeldin Wedding | Ayman Mohyeldin New Baby

On April 26, 2016 Ayman married Tunisian model Kenza Fourati  in a private ceremony in Marietta, Georgia, where his parents currently reside. Ayman’s wife revealed in a “Vogue Arabia” interview that the couple was expecting their first child in early 2017. The couple’s daughter, Dora Fourati Mohyeldin, was born in New York on March 12, 2017.

NBC Newser Morning Joe First Look anchor Ayman and his wife Kenza Fourati welcomed a son, Idris Mohyeldin, born on April 6 2019 at 6:54 a.m. weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces. Mom and baby are doing great, and older sister Dora is already helping with the feedings and changes.

Is Ayman Mohyeldin Still On Msnbc |Ayman Mohyeldin Msnbc | Ayman Mohyeldin New Show | Ayman Mohyeldin 2019 | Is Ayman Mohyeldin Still On First Look

Ayman Mohyeldin is the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe’s First Look (M-F at 5am) and MSNBC Live. He is a foodie, traveller & photographer.

Ayman Mohyeldin Where Is He Now Ayman Mohyeldin Paternity Leave | Where Is Ayman Mohyeldin | Where Is Ayman Mohyeldin Now

During his wife’s maternity leave Ayman was given a paternity leave at work. This is how he posted on his Facebook account when his 16 weeks leave ended. I ’m heading back to work after spending almost 16 weeks on paternity leave with both of our families in the US and Tunisia. Words cannot describe how grateful and fortunate I am to work for @msnbc (& @comcast), a company that afforded me such an important opportunity with my family and children. It has really opened my eyes to the importance of paternity leave for fathers and how vital it is for the overall health of new mothers and children. When fathers have access to extended leave and can be heavily involved in the lives of their newborns and spouses early on, the research shows the family’s emotional, physical and mental health is much better off and the responsibilities of child rearing are equally shared. Thanks to @alexisohanian and @dovemencare for also providing a support network and helping to raise awareness on the importance of paternity leave.

Ayman Mohyeldin Salary

Ayman has probably amassed a good amount as net worth throughout his long journalism career. Some source has estimated her total wealth in around $1 million. However, the accurate figure of her net worth is still under review.

Being a proficient journalist of NBC, Ayman is receiving a decent amount of salary from the network. Seeing his status and experience, he is surely earning a remuneration not less than $70 thousand annually.

Ayman Mohyeldin Egyptian revolution

Ayman covered the 2011 Egyptian Revolution for Al Jazeera English. Ayman broadcast from the Al Jazeera news building in Cairo for several hours straight on January 28, 2011, reporting on the Egyptian protests as protesters and Egyptian police battled for control of the 6th October Bridge. Anis El Fekki of the Egyptian Interior Ministry revoked Al Jazeera’s broadcast license on January 30 2011 and forced the closure of their Cairo bureau, claiming the network was conspiring with opposition groups to overthrow the government. He was one of five Al Jazeera journalists arrested and briefly detained by Egyptian authorities the following day, after the network refused to cease broadcasting upon the loss of their accreditation.

Ayman was again arrested by the Egyptian military upon trying to enter Tahrir square on February 6, 2011.  He was released nine hours later. He rejoined NBC News on September 20, 2011 , where his career began.

Ayman traveled to Syria to cover the months-old uprising in January 2012. Among the cities he visited was Daraa.

Ayman greatly covered the removal of President Mohamed Morsi from power In Egypt in the summer of 2013. That fall he also largely covered the Syrian civil war and the effects of refugees overflowing into neighboring Lebanon. He also covered the agreement of Syria to dispose of their chemical weapons program.

In 2014 during the uprisings in Ukraine , Ayman covered largely in both Kiev and Donetsk. He traveled to the border in Eastern Ukraine and reported on Russian troop buildup, and the Ukrainian response. Ayman also went “behind the scenes” into the occupied government buildings to report.

Ayman Mohyeldin Gaza conflict

Ayman witnessed and reported via a series of tweets, the death of 4 Palestinian children on July 16, 2014,who were playing soccer and hide-and-seek on a Gaza beach during the 2014 conflict. The first missile killed one child and the second killed the other 3. The killings were witnessed by many in the international press. Just moments earlier Mohyeldin was kicking a soccer ball with these boys in front of his hotel. The Israeli government claims that the beach was shelled in response to Hamas rocket fire originating from that area.

Although Ayman was a live witness to the event, NBC correspondent Richard Engel reported the story from Tel Aviv. NBC followed by pulling Ayman from Gaza and terminating his reporting duties from Gaza indefinitely. Richard was sent to replace him in Gaza. For removing Ayman NBC has been subsequently criticized by independent media outlets. However, NBC has not yet  explained its actions and reasons for pulling him.

On July 18, 2014, Ayman was returned to Gaza after NBC received heavy criticism for pulling him out of Gaza. However,NBC has offered no justification for either pulling Ayman from Gaza, nor sending him back. Ayman announced via social media on Sunday, August 3, 2014 that after 4 weeks on the road he was “taking time to be with family..” Less than 48 hours later, Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease fire. In the fall of 2014 he moved to New York City to expand his role at NBC/MSNBC.

Ayman Mohyeldin Chris Kyle

During an interview in January 29, 2015, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Ayman said of Chris Kyle, subject of the movie American Sniper: “If you don’t know anything about Chris Kyle, if you don’t know this was a true story, this was a great movie,” he said. “But, when you juxtapose it with the real Chris Kyle in the story and what has emerged about what kind of personality he was in his own words — very far from reality.”

He suggested that the real Kyle may have had “racist tendencies” toward Iraqis and Muslims, which could have caused him to go on “some of these, you know, killing sprees in Iraq on assignment.” Host Joe Scarborough challenged Ayman’s claim that Kyle went on killing sprees, and ended the segment saying, “All right, when we come back, Ayman is going to kick around Santa Claus”.

A letter signed by 22 retired generals and admirals, a former deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence, and dozens of other officers was sent to NBC parent Comcast in February 10, 2015 , demanding an apology . The letter included a statement that “Mohyeldin’s statements were an inexcusable slap in the face to the widow of Chris Kyle and to all those in the armed forces who continue to serve our country in harm’s way. Such rants do not add anything to a thoughtful discussion of public policy regarding Iraq.”

Ayman Mohyeldin Allegation

Ayman was accused of false reporting and bias in October 2015 during live coverage of report where a Palestinian man wearing camouflaged clothing sprung out from a group of Israeli soldiers, wielding a knife and was subsequently shot. Initially he reported that from where he was standing and the boy was lying he did not see a knife in the boy’s open hands after he saw the dead body. However he was interrupted on air by another MSNBC journalist who ran a picture of the assailant holding what seemed to be a knife in the air before he was killed. Following the MSNBC journalist’s interruption, Ayman reiterated that the assailant did not have a knife in his hands after he was dead and secured by the Israeli police.

Following his coverage of the June 2016 Tel Aviv shooting, an Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, criticized him for going “on a rambling, 35 second stream of conscious in which he managed to squeeze in four mentions of ‘the occupation’ and three mentions of Israeli politics ‘shifting to the right’ or the ‘extreme right,’ while talking of Palestinian ‘frustration’ and Israeli oppression.”

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