Brenda Bennett Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Prince, Vanity 6 And Net Worth

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Brenda Bennett Biography

Brenda Bennett is an American singer from Rhode Island.  She is best known as a member of the American group Vanity 6. Prince gave her a “tough-girl, cigarette-smoking” persona and enlisted her in the girlgroup that he was attempting to create in 1982.

Brenda began her career as a member of a Columbia Records band called Ken Lyon and Tombstone, which toured with Mott the Hoople and Queen.

Brenda Bennett Age

Brenda was born on January 24, 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. She is 57 years old as of 2019.

Brenda Bennett Family | Brenda Bennett Parents

Brenda was born into a musical household in the beautiful ocean state of Rhode Island, in Boston, Massachusetts.  Her mother played accordion and piano and her father guitar. She began singing in her early childhood. Brenda cut her teeth in the ’70s singing in Ken Lyon’s band Tombstone (signed to Columbia Records in 1973)

Brenda Bennett Husband

Bennett was married to Prince’s lighting and set-designer / director Roy Bennett, after she met him she went on the road with him. She had also worked as Prince’s “wardrobe mistress.” When Prince died in April 2016 not only were his fans left shocked, but his former associates and collaborators were blindsided.  While Prince was laid down to eternal rest, thoughts returned to that unrecorded solo album from the 1980s.  What was once a destiny had became an afterthought and a missed opportunity. But was it?  Perhaps inspired by her grief and the legacy of her mentor, Brenda dove headfirst into her current and second solo album, titled “Once Again”. Brenda lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island and is an inductee of the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame.

Brenda Bennett Vanity 6

Brenda is mostly known as a member of the American group Vanity 6. The group broke up a year later due to the departure of its lead singer, Vanity, after only minor success. But Brenda stuck around for its reincarnation, with a new lead singer, as Apollonia 6 in 1984. Her image in both of the groups was that of the bad girl—she smoked and had the most attitude. Brenda also had a part in the film Purple Rain alongside Apollonia 6 members Susan Moonsie and the group’s lead singer, Apollonia.

Brenda can be heard on lead vocals on “Bite the Beat” on the Vanity 6 album, and on “Some Kind of Lover”, “A Million Miles (I Love You),” and “Blue Limousine” on the Apollonia 6 album. She can also be heard on background vocals of the song “17 Days” that Prince withdrew from their album. The song became a B-Side of his single “When Doves Cry” as well as several other Prince tracks recorded while he was on under the Warner Bros. label.

With Vanity 6 Brenda released only one album. Most of the tracks were recorded by Prince way before the band was assembled, with the help of Dez Dickerson. Vanity 6 had minor impact on charts, albeit efforts to broadcast the music, many radio programmers were reluctant to air the explicit sexuality in the band’s songs.

4 singles were issued from Vanity 6, amongst them only Nasty Girl got significant success, mostly in clubs. The band performed vocals on The Time song The Walk on What Time Is It?.

Although a second album was planned, the project materialized under the moniker of Apollonia 6 when Denise Matthews left the band.

On April 26, 2015, Brenda Bennett was inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame. Ken Lyon performed the ceremony and paid heartfelt tribute to their time together in Tombstone and to Brenda’s accomplishments during the following decades. She thrilled the sellout crowd by performing a career-spanning set of material backed by an all-star band including her brother Bruce, Mark Taber, drummer Mike LaBelle, guitarist Fred Wilkes, multi-instrumentalist Ed McGuirl and Betsy Listenfelt. She was also joined on stage for one of the Prince-era numbers by her son, Dylan Thomas-John, the reason for her fifteen year hiatus from the music business.

After a farewell concert in Rhode Island in 2016 Brenda told journalists she planned to take it easy.  The possibility of a second album wasn’t out of the cards but also not a priority.

Brenda embarked on a creative journey that would put certain ghosts to rest, ignite new fires, close some of the doors to the past, and open new ones for the future.  While “A Capella” played like a casual catching-up conversation, it is on “Once Again” where Brenda Bennett reaches her full potential as an artist, singer, and musical force.

Brenda Bennett Net Worth

Brenda made money by Actors niche. For all time, currently Brenda earned $9 Million. Exact sum is $9000000.

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