Brent Baughman

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Brent Baughman: A Skilled Senior Producer at NPR

Brent Baughman is a highly skilled senior producer in the Programming division at NPR, where he actively contributes to the development of both new and existing podcasts. His journey at NPR began in 2012, and since then, he has been instrumental in producing and shaping several shows, showcasing his dedication to quality content.

Some of the prominent shows that have benefited from Brent’s expertise include “The TED Radio Hour,” “The NPR Politics Podcast,” “It’s Been A Minute With Sam Sanders,” “Short Wave,” and “Coronavirus Daily.” These podcasts have garnered significant attention and acclaim under his guidance.

Before his role in podcast production, Brent served as a weekend producer for NPR’s renowned program, “All Things Considered,” hosted by Guy Raz. His extensive experience in different facets of NPR’s programming has added depth to his skill set.

Brent’s academic background is impressive, having graduated from Emerson College in 2010. He holds a dual degree in creative writing and broadcast journalism, which has undoubtedly contributed to his storytelling abilities and journalistic acumen.

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