Brian Mueller

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Brian Mueller: The Dedicated News and Sports Reporter

Brian Mueller is a valued member of the News 9 team. With a versatile career that spans across both sports and news reporting, Brian has been contributing his skills and expertise to KWTV since 2015.

Starting as a sports reporter and producer, Brian transitioned to news reporting in 2020, showcasing his adaptability and commitment to delivering quality journalism. Brian’s work allows him to reconnect with his Midwest roots, as he hails from St. Louis.

Brian is a proud alumnus of Syracuse University and spent six years honing his skills in the Salt City before embarking on his journey to Oklahoma. He takes great pleasure in covering local sports teams and is particularly passionate about supporting the St. Louis Cardinals. Beyond sports, Brian’s love for movies and NBA games keeps him engaged and entertained.

If you have a compelling story idea, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brian via email.

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