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Bristol Palin Biography

Bristol Palin born as Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin is an American public speaker and reality television personality. She is the second of five children and oldest daughter of Todd and Sarah Palin.

In the fall 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars Palin competed and reached the finals, finishing in third place. She released a memoir Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far in summer 2011. She starred in the Lifetime show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp in summer 2012 . Bristol’s most recent television series was as a member of the fall 2012 all-star cast of Dancing with the Stars’s 15th season, where she was eliminated in the fourth week of competition.

Bristol Palin Age

Bristol  was born on October 18, 1990 in Wasila, Alaska. She is 28 years old as of 2018.

Bristol Palin Family  |Sarah Palin Daughter Bristol |Bristol Palin College |Bristol Palin Siblings

Bristol was born in Wasilla, Alaska on October 18, 1990. She is a daughter Todd and Sarah (née Heath) Palin. Her name”Bristol” came from Bristol Inn where her mother Sarah was employed; Bristol, Connecticut, the headquarters city of ESPN, where her mother Sarah hoped to work as a sportscaster; and the Bristol Bay area of Alaska, where her father Todd grew up.

Bristol was raised largely in Wasilla where he attended Juneau-Douglas High School when her mother was governor of Alaska. In year 2008, she briefly lived in Anchorage with her aunt and uncle where she attended West Anchorage High School. After returning to Wasilla, she attended and then graduated from Wasilla High School in May 2009.

Bristol Palin Dakota Meyer

Bristol announced she had become engaged to Dakota Meyer, a former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient on March 13, 2015. According to her blog, she first met Meyer in 2014 while filming Amazing America with her mother Sarah Palin in Alaska. Palin’s mother on May 18, 2015 announced that the wedding planned for later in the week had been called off.

Bristol and Meyer got  married in June 2016. Bristol announced that she was expecting her third child, the second with Meyer in December 2016 . She gave birth to a daughter on May 8, 2017 and they named her Atlee Bay.

There was an announcement in February 13, 2018  that Meyer separated and had filed for divorce and  on August 1, 2018, Palin confirmed that her divorce from Meyer was finalized.

Bristol Palin Levi Johnston

It was publicly announced on September 1 2008 that Bristol was pregnant and engaged to Levi Johnston, the father of her child. Bristol’s entire family, together with Johnston, appeared at the convention. Reportedly McCain’s advisers thought a wedding between Johnston and Palin would boost the waning popularity of the McCain-Palin ticket. Johnston later denied claims that he was being pressured into a shotgun wedding, stating, “We were planning on getting married a long time ago with or without the kid. That was the plan from the start.” In March 2009 Palin and Johnston ended their engagement. In November 2009, a custody and child support case was filed in a local Alaska court.

Bristol and Johnston announced on July 2010 that they had reunited and were again engaged, but less than three weeks later, they ended their second engagement. She moved out of the condo and returned to her parents’ home in August 2010. The two reached an agreement giving primary custody to Palin, and visitation rights and child support responsibility to Johnston.

Bristol Palin Kids |Bristol Palin Baby |Bristol Palin Pregnant |Bristol Palin Children |Bristol Palin Son

Palin’s son with Johnston who was named Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin, was born December 27, 2008. There were suggestions that it would have been more prudent to abort her child and that she only carried her child to term because of her mother’s views and in response to the suggestion on the issue she responded: ‘It doesn’t matter what my mom’s views are on it. It was my decision.’

Palin announced on June 25, 2015 she was pregnant with her second child. In her announcement she stated the news would come as “a huge disappointment” to her friends and family but said that she did not want any sympathy or lectures. Three days later Bristol said that the pregnancy was “not the ideal situation” but was “planned.” She said that she would not consider abortion and her pregnancy was not in conflict with her work for the Candie’s Foundation. On December 23, 2015 she gave birth to daughter Sailor Grace Palin.

Bristol in December 2016 announced that she was expecting her third child, the second with Meyer. She gave birth to a daughter they named Atlee Bay on May 8, 2017. Currently Bristol has three children in total, one son and two daughters.

Bristol Palin Husband |Is Bristol Palin Married |Bristol Palin Wedding

Bristol has been in a relationship twice, engaged twice but married once.  On September 1, 2008 it was announced that Bristol was engaged to Johnston the father of her kid she was expecting.  They had a plan of getting married but In March 2009 they ended their engagement.

On July 2010 Bristol and Johnston once again announced that they had reunited and were engaged again. Less than three weeks later they ended their second engagement.

Bristol in March 13, 2015 she announced that she had become engaged to Dakota Meyer a former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient.  According to her blog they had met in 2014 while filming America with her mother in Alaska.  It was announced by Palin’s mother that the wedding planned for later in the week had been called off.

Bristol married his husband Meyer in June 2016.  The two had a daughter who was born on May 8, 2017 and named Atlee Bay.  There was an announcement in February 13, 2018  that Meyer separated and had filed for divorce and  on August 1, 2018, Palin confirmed that her divorce from Meyer was finalized. Currently, Bristol is not married.

Bristol Palin Net Worth

Bristol’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars

On the fall 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) Palin was among the competitor. They were partnered with professional Mark Ballas, a two-time champion on the show who won with Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi in season 6, and with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson in season 8. The show was televised from September through November 2010.

For a number of weeks Bristol got the lowest scores from the jugdes. Despite getting the lowest scores, Bristol and Ballas avoided being eliminated during the season and this attracted media attention and speculation. There were uestions which were raised about the integrity of the public voting process including allegations of fraudulent online voting using multiple e-mail addresses.

Conrad Green Executives at ABC and the show’s executive producer, stated that “checks and balances” in the system, including IP address verification, prevent such voting practices, and that “here’s nothing in the voting that looks dissimilar to previous seasons”. In spite of Green speculations that Palin may have received votes from her mother’s fans and other supporters,and from older viewers who had maternal feelings toward her due to her youth and lack of prior experience. Palin credited her success to the support of her fans who were tuning in each week to see her improvement.

Bristol’s success on the show attracted other negative attention, which included death threats against her. In one occasion, suspicious white powder was received by the show. The powder turned out to be harmless, but security on the show was tightened.

Palin and Ballas finished in third place on the final show of the season. Before that show, Palin said that winning “would be like a big middle finger out there to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me”. Regarding to the competition, she remarked that she was happy with her third-place finish, that prayer and faith had helped her, and that she had grown as a person.

On the all-star season 15 of DWTS, which started in late September 2012 Bristol competed . Once again she was partnered with Mark Ballas. Bristol and Ballas were two were eliminated in week 4 of the season, in which they had the second-lowest score from the judges.

Bristol Palin Surgery |Bristol Palin Jaw

When the world first saw Bristol she had a fuller face and figure. In her preview clips of Teen Mom OG, she looks completely different. Dr Darren Smith who has treated Bristol says she has “much more defined lower facial third.”

Britol in December 2010 she admitted that she under went the knife for corrective, jaw surgery. She said that this was not to improve the way she looks, but it was for medical purposed so her jaw and teeth could realign properly. She made it clear was not plastic surgery

Bristol Palin Book

Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far

Bristol Palin Now

Reportedly Bristol is said that she is going to join Teen Mom OG for Season 8.

Bristol Palin Abstinence

On Good Morning America in May 2009, Palin said, “Regardless of what I did personally, abstinence is the only 100% foolproof way you can prevent pregnancy.” In April 2010, in an interview on Good Morning America she said that ” ‘Pause Before You Play’ [a campaign of Candie’s] hits a wider range of message, it can mean pause and go get a condom, it can be pause and think about your life, or it could be pause and wait until marriage.”

In an Interview with Drew Pinsky in July 10, 2011 , Palin said she doesn’t want to “be named as an abstinence preacher …. I’m not out there saying don’t have sex. I hate that kind of stuff. Birth control needs to be used effectively each and every single time if you’re gonna be having sex. … I’m not advocating [abstinence] for everyone else.”

Bristol had an interview with Christianity Today on July 13, 2011,in which she reaffirmed her stance on abstinence. There was a Discussion on whether she still thought that abstinence was unrealistic, as she had said in 2009, she said “that quote was taken out of context. What I am trying to say is it’s not realistic for everyone…but for me, my sisters, and my family, I believe that the right way.” Palin still feels that abstinence is the only choice for her and her family.

Bristol Palin House |Bristol Palin Home

Palin purchased a five-bedroom house in Maricopa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix in December 2010, for $172,000 in cash, according to Pinal County property records. In May 2012 the house was sold for $175,000, and Palin moved back to Alaska.

Bristol Palin Abortion

During her second pregnancy she stated that the news would come as a huge disappointment to her friends and family but she did not what any sympathy or lectures. Later in three days  she said that the pregnancy was “not the ideal situation” but was “planned.” Bristol said she would not consider abortion and her pregnancy was not in conflict with her work for the Candie’s Foundation.

Bristol Palin Children’s Names

She has three children Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston-Palin, Sailor Grace Palin and Atlee Bay.

Bristol Palin Sister |Bristol Palin Fight

According to Radar Online, Bristol’s younger sister, Willow, got married on 29th September to someone named Ricky Bailey in Alaska.

Mother Sarah Palin wrote on Instagram that the ceremony and reception “couldn’t be more perfect!!!” because the bride and groom were surrounded by “so much love ~ and surrounded by the mutual love & support of cherished friends & family… just PERFECT.”

An insider tells Radar that Bristol did not showed up in the big day after getting into a massive fight with Willow.
“Bristol started a huge fight with Willow because her kids aren’t supposed to be around Track,” *a source close to the Palins told Radar, referencing Bristol and Willow’s brother.

Bristol Palin Weight |Bristol Palin Measurements |Bristol Palin Height

Bristol stands at a height of 5 ft 6 (168cm) his body weight is 61kg (134.5 Ibs) and her body measurements  are 36-27-37 in or 91.5-69-94 cm

Bristol Palin Show

Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp is an American reality television series that premiered on Lifetime. The series was perfomed publicly on June 19, 2012. It follows the day-to-day life of Bristol Palin as she adjusts to life back in Alaska after temporarily residing in California.

Bristol Palin Not Afraid Of Life

In Not Afraid of Life, Bristol gives readers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at her life for the first time, from growing up in Alaska to coming of age amid the media and political frenzy surrounding her mother’s political rise; from becoming a single mother while still a teenager to coping as her relationship with her baby’s father crumbled publicly—not once, but twice. Bristol talks about the highs and lows of her appearance on ABC-TV’s Dancing with the Stars, including the aching hours of practice, the biting criticisms, and the thrill of getting to the show’s finals. She speaks candidly of her aspirations for the future and the deep religious faith that gives her strength and inspiration. Plainspoken and disarmingly down to earth, Bristol offers new insight and understanding

Bristol Palin Tv Show

Bristol made an appearance on the TLC travelogue/documentary Sarah Palin’s Alaska in November 2010. She helped the crew on a commercial halibut fishing boat.

Bristol Palin Twitter

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