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Cherie Johnson Biography

Cherie Johnson is an American actress, writer and film producer and author. She is best known for her roles on Punky Brewster (as Punky’s best friend Cherie) and the long-running ABC/CBS sitcom Family Matters, where she played Laura Winslow’s best friend Maxine Johnson for eight seasons (1990–98).

She wrote, starred and produced the independent film I Do… I Did!, playing Vivian in 2009 . So far Cherie has  produced eight films. She made writer debut when she released her book Around The World Twice in 2010. She released her second, writing Two Different Walks Of Life A Celebrity and Average Housewife in 2011 . Her third novel Peaches & Cream is available. Her book Stupid Guys Diarywas released in August 2013.

Cherie Johnson Age

Cherie was born on November 21, 1975  in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. She is 43 years old as of 2018.

Cherie Johnson Husband |Cherie Johnson Married |Cherie Johnson Daughter

Cherie has kept her personal life away from public and social media. There is no any record of her past and present relationship. She has a daughter but she hasn’t disclosed her name and picture till now. She hasn’t revealed the name of her daughters’ father as well. She spends her free time working with many children charities. It is not sure either she is married or single.

Cherie Johnson Family Matters

1990, Johnson began playing Maxine “Max” Johnson, the best friend of Laura Winslow (Kellie Shanygne Williams) on Family Matters, appearing in the recurring role until the series’ end in 1998. Duclon was again her employer, as he served as one of the executive producers of Family Matters during Johnson’s run on the show.

Cherie Johnson Photos

Cherie Johnson Wendy Williams |Cherie Johnson Pregnant

Wendy must have really hurt Cherie because she dragged Wendy all over Instagram! It was after a few days since rumors surfaced about the talk show host’s husband allegedly getting his mistress pregnant, and Cherie thinks Wendy could use all the advice she can get.

In what seems to be an honesty hour post, Cherie said: “This is my last ain’t-sh*t, talkin’ sh*t post of 2018. Hey Wendy, I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the second time and you about to play stepmama again. Now, it seems like Kevin got that super-sperm. How come you ain’t gettin’ pregnant? Oh, that’s right. How you doin’, William? Karma’s a b*tch. You need to leave people alone in 2019. Find Jesus. Be a nicer person.”

Wendy is known for being sharp with her words, but my goodness Cherie is surgical!

And just when you thought the video was enough,Cherie took to the comments to really let us know how she feels about Wendy after fans wondered where her animosity came from. She even went as far to say, “she probably blocked me by now she’s known 20 years I don’t f*ck with her!”

Cherie Johnson Net Worth

Cherie has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.

Cherie Johnson Books

Cherie’s first novel, Around The World Twice, was released August 10, 2010. She also released a poetry book with her I Do…I Did! co-writer, entitled Two Different Walks of Life on April 14, 2011 . Her sophomore novel was Peaches & Cream, and her book of diary entries Stupid Guys Diary was released August 2014 .  In 2018 she released”Little Cherie Dresses Herself”. Writing has become Cherie’s second career choice.  She is also the Assistant Editor of Fever Magazine and was formally the Executive Director for Dimez magazine, and was contributing writer for Temptation magazine and Glam Couture magazine, where she did a monthly article titled “Cherie Picking”., Cherie accepted a position at Fevermagazine in 2016 and will be writing the “Pulse” article.

Cherie Johnson From Punky Brewster

Cherie’s beginnings in show business are attributed to her uncle, David W. Duclon a successful screenwriter and TV producer who, previously was known for his work on Happy Days in the 1970s. Duclon encouraged Cherie his niece  desire to act, and secured her an audition

After two seasons as executive producer of NBC’s Silver Spoons in 1984, Duclon successfully pitched a new pilot to the network about an orphaned young girl who is taken in by a curmudgeonly older man. The concept won the approval of NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff, who named the titular character, and series, Punky Brewster (after a girl he had known in his youth). Cherie was cast by NBC in the role of Punky’s (Soleil Moon Frye) best friend, the character of which was modeled and named after herself. Punky Brewster was an immediate success among young audiences, and Cherie continued as the fictional Cherie throughout the series’ run (1984–86 on NBC, and 1987–88 in first-run syndication).

Cherie Johnson I Do I Did

In 2009, she wrote, starred and produced the film I Do… I Did!

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