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Christine Cashen Biography

Christine Cashen was a university admissions officer, corporate trainer and broadcaster.she also votes. she holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication and a Masters Degree in Adult Education. Cashen is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Christine Cashen
Christine Cashen

CSP is an earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. It is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than 10% of the speakers on the planet hold this designation.

Christine Cashen Age

Christine Cashen age 52 as of 2019

Christine Cashen Education

Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Adult Education. In 2016, she was the recipient of an HONORARY DOCTORATE from Central Michigan University.

Christine Cashen Speaker

Before embarking on her journey as a speaker, she worked as a university admissions officer, corporate trainer, and broadcaster. She is a mother of two, wife of a “hottie engineer,” and caregiver of Murphy, a chocolate lab

What to do? You can waste energy complaining, but how productive is that!? Be part of the solution! Christine will share the secret to getting what you want with what you’ve got, and she’ll show you that you have what it takes right now to make a difference in your workplace and your life. This is the perfect program to kick-start any event!


With her incredibly humorous and relatable style, Christine gives you the tools to identify, understand and approach conflict creatively.

Your audience will discover the secrets to defuse anyone in any situation, blow off steam before you boil over, and bring peace to all across the land.

Christine’s conflict and teamwork program is a wonderful interactive break-out session, sure to help your group identify, understand and approach conflict creatively.

Extreme Humor Makeover

Get ready to bring more fun into your workday, as an expert speaker and motivator Cashen brings you this fast-paced, entertaining program.

You’ll discover the keys to having more fun, improving productivity and morale, while at the same time lowering stress and improving job satisfaction!

This program is ideal for an opening keynote to energize the audience or the perfect closing keynote to end your conference with a bang!

Christine Cashen Books

Author of the AWARD-WINNING BOOKS THE GOOD STUFF: Quips & Tips on Life, Love, Work, and Happiness and It’s YOUR Business: Good Stuff for Your Personal, Professional, and Funny Business

Christine Cashen Career

People across the globe are raving about Christine and her refreshing take on everyday life. Christine is one of the few individuals to meet the rigorous induction criteria of the National Speakers Association, CPAE SPEAKER HALL OF FAME, and there’s no question that she deserves that honor; her effortless ability to pull in any audience with her remarkable insights on commonplace situations make her and her messages unforgettable.

For 20 years Christine has shared her expertise on conflict resolution, stress management, and cultivating a happier more productive workplace. Audiences have related so much to her experiences, struggles, and lessons that listeners have wanted to take her back with them to the office.

Christine Cashen  Salary/Net Worth

There are no details about Cashen’s salary and net worth in case of any information we will late you know.

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