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Claudette Ortiz Biography

Claudette Ortiz is an American singer, model, and actress. He is widely known as the female in the R&B group City High. Claudette also was a castmate in TV One’s reality series R&B Divas: Los Angeles.

Claudette Ortiz Age

Claudette was born on July 21, 1981 in Willingboro, New Jersey. She is 37 years old as of 2018.

Claudette Ortiz Husband

Claudette dated City High member, Robbie Pardlo. After their debut album was released, she said that her relationship with Robbie was an abusive affair and ended things with him. Caudette then got married to another member in the group, Ryan Toby. She got divorced from him too. They have two sons out of this relationship.

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City High Claudette Ortiz

City High began with Pardlo signing on as a solo artist. However, soon Pardlo’s high school friend Toby and the producers decided that it should be a two-man group featured on the album. After the two-man group started to work on the album, The Product G&B became successful. The producers decided to add a female member in order to stand out. They chose Claudette, another group member from their high school.  During production, all three members did writing on the songs.

The trio focused on trying to make lyrics that told a story, Toby noting that he got some inspiration for writing songs that tell stories from country music.  A number of  songs are based on real-life experiences the trio has experienced, such as “What Would You Do?”.  City High recorded “What Would You Do?” two years prior to the release of album, as it was featured in the Eddie Murphy film Life.  It was not formally released, however, until 2001. In 2003 the group disbanded  failing to release another album despite their debut’s success.

Claudette appeared on the episode “Jr’s Dating Dilemma” on ABC’s My Wife and Kids in November 2002.

Claudette Ortiz Net Worth

Claudette has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand

Claudette Ortiz Kids | Claudette Ortiz Children

Claudette  has three kids-sons Daunte and Joel  and daughter Bella.

Claudette in 2014 in an interview she talked about about her career and did a bit of doting on her little ones who give her few troubles.

“My children are great,” said the Claudette. “My children are my everything, they are wonderful kids, they are very well behaved, they love their mommy and to listen to me sing or to see me do certain things. They think it’s hilarious when they see me on TV. When they hear one of my songs they love to listen to it. They are very intelligent children and they’re loving and polite. Of course they have their little moments because they’re growing and they’re people too. But they are amazing children I was blessed to be their mother,” explained Claudette.

Claudette Ortiz Daughter

During  an interview Claudette spoke about her daughter and how she did not know the guy reported by the media as her daughter’s father. “So hold on… you don’t know that guy that is being reported as your daughter’s father?” Claudette Ortiz: “No I don’t know who that is. I saw a rumor on Wikipedia a while back saying I was dating him and had a child by him… I was in the studio with Bryan Michael Cox and we were laughing about it… I wasn’t even pregnant with my daughter yet… I don’t know that guy and never met him. My daughter’s father is just a normal hard working business man. He’s not even in the industry.”

Claudette Ortiz R&B Divas

Claudette is a castmate in TV One’s reality show R&B Divas: Los Angeles as of July 10, 2013 , also featuring Chante Moore, Michel’le, Lil’ Mo, Dawn Robinson, and Kelly Price.

Claudette Ortiz Songs

  • Two Wrongs
  • Wake Up Everybody
  • Through the Pain
  • I’m Ill (Remix Part Two)
  • Teach Him
  • Get it Started
  • Like A Movie
  • Human Nature
  • Reciprocation
  • Automatic

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