Free Online Learning Resources For Web Designing Students

We all know that learning new skills or enhancing the existing skills is good for everyone and especially when it is for free. If we look at the web design and development industry then we found that technology is frequently updating after some intervals. That is why it is important for web designer students as well as professionals to learn web designing skills online. With this advancement, most of the inspiring students are looking for some of the useful resources where they can learn the essential things without any extra tuition. Similarly, in this period of lockdown, it is best to get new skills. So, right here in this article, we will be looking at various resources online that can provide you knowledge about the same. So, let’s jump on it! Free Online Learning Resources for Web Students Here is the list of free online learning resources for web designing students:- 1. Gymnasium It is the best free source if you want to learn web designing. There are videos, quizzes as well as assignments that will be provided to you during the course. Not only this they also offer the short term courses which are just for an hour they are also called gunshots. Every class is free. 2. Codeacademy They also provide free online tutorials for coding. Also, they have instructions that are easy to follow. They provide proper feedback and they have the proper curriculum. The best part is you can complete the courses in less than 11 hours. Another best part is they help you build a portfolio. 3. Designmodo Are you good at learning through articles as well as tutorials? Then this website is best for you. They tell all the trends as well as techniques related to everything that you are learning whether it is in web designing or graphic designing or whatever they provide. 4. Tutorialzine They have a complete series of tutorials which is the best for web designers. They have complete community of web designers learning from this platform. It has a complete collection of JS, HTML, CSS, and many other web design related things. They even provide weekly alerts through a newsletter about tips as well as any latest news on programming. 5. CodeSignal They have various tasks through which you will be taught about various simple as well as complex tricks of programming. They have an arcade where there are various challenges related to coding which helps in increasing the knowledge in a funny manner. They have everything divided into categories so that one can assess themselves at different stages of learning. 6. Bento They have designed their site as the mission to provide online training to students in various fields. They have a full-stack web development course training program as well. They will help you to take your skills to the next level. Many more to add yet. These are few sources or online websites out of many that are there. But many of these do not provide live support to solve your problems. Though they are best if you can learn things online and solve your queries through online searches.