How to Create Selections Using Channels in Adobe PhotoShop

PhotoShop is a one such software which has some astonishing tools that if used properly can save a lot of time. It is raster based software which was introduced in the year 1988. It has become leading software of not only graphic designing industry but also other digital designing industries. Using this single software one can easily, retouch, edit, design mockups of website, add affects, illustrations, logo etc. Not only this, if you are pro in this software then you can easily get a job in this software. The latest version of this software that is in use is Photoshop CC 2020. In this article, I am going to explain step by step that how to create selections using channels in Adobe Photoshop. Here are the steps that you need to follow :- Step 1 : Exploring RGB channels To create selections with ease Channels is a tool that is offered by this software. Just in few seconds you can easily make selections. It basically depends upon the type of image you use whether it is complex or simple. Now, you can find this tool beside the layer panel on the right. Go channels then there you will see the image shown in the form RGB. Now, find the channel which gives the best contrast between foreground and the background. Step 2 : After this you need to duplicate the channel which has the best fore as well as background contrast. We are duplicating because we do not want to disturb the original image. To duplicate just right click on the channel and then select duplicate channel. To deselect simple press Ctrl +D. This channel is kind of a mask. White reveals, black is used to conceal and grey is used to do a bit of both the worlds. Since grey tones can disturn the image so it is best to have pure blacks or pure whotes. Step 3 : Now, to adjust the mask to get pure black as well as pure white just use levels or curves. To open dialog box for curves use CTRL + M and to do the same for levels use short key Ctrl + L. It is personally advisable to use levels. Selection is all done now. Now, you can save this by following this command – Select > load selection > then select the duplicated copy on which you made amendments. So, we can conclude that, Channels work in the best way if there is crystal clear contrast between object and the background. You can use this with both complex as well as simple scenes. The best thing about this is that you do not need to refine the mask again and again. To learn such amazing features of Photoshop it is advisable to get the guidance from the best industry expert professionals at the best photoshop institute in delhi i.e. ADMEC Multimedia Institute. Here, you will be taught by the experienced faculty and not only this you will be given a lot of assignments to master each and every concept that is taught. So, what are you waiting for?? Lets learn!!!