Don’t Buy The Government Grant Guides From The Joker Or The Joke Will Be On You

Government grants are available on-line for free.

Go to which also includes state grants and assistance. Then go to grants, fill in the brief questionaire and it does a search that narrows down what you want and what you qualify for.

There are seemingly unlimited amounts of grants, funds and assistance for almost anything. One who qualifies can get assistance with telephone bills (just call your provider and ask), mortgage payments, rent, legal assistance, jobs, unemployment and so on.

There are government auctions by 14 federal agencies, government owned properties and links to other agencies and sources, including state and local surplus auctions. Go to to see programs that grant up to $28,000 to study in other countries. Check out other educational opportunities @

I think any time it ends in .gov it’s legitimate and definitely so if it is a link. There have been 71 new grant programs introduced in the last 7 days.

Also see

For housing information go to It is a very informative site that cares about the consumer and pulls no punches in warning and educating them about discrimination, fraud, predatory lending and carefully selecting professionals in assisting them with the entire purchasing process. It is also loaded with links to other helpful sites such as VA.