Gabrielle Franklin (Journalist)

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Gabrielle Franklin is a dedicated political reporter at FOX31 and Channel 2, where she brings her expertise in covering politics to the Denver community. Before making her mark in Denver, Gabrielle delved into the political landscapes of South Carolina and Illinois at their respective statehouses.

During her previous assignments, Gabrielle tackled a range of critical topics, from exposing statehouse corruption to investigating a nuclear energy failure. She provided comprehensive coverage of significant issues, including abortion legislation, the legalization of recreational cannabis, and enhanced protections for state troopers.

In recent times, Gabrielle has turned her attention to reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic and its profound and lasting effects on the economy. She approaches her role with enthusiasm, eager to dive into the realm of Colorado politics.

Gabrielle is captivated by Colorado’s natural beauty and the diverse array of individuals who occupy positions of leadership or aspire to do so. She is committed to shining a light on the issues that hold the most significance for Coloradans and seeks answers from the decision-makers who shape the state’s future.

Outside of her professional life, Gabrielle enjoys exploring the world of fashion and furniture in search of the latest deals. She also has a passion for cooking and treasures moments spent with her family. Gabrielle is open to receiving story ideas or just saying hello, so feel free to reach out to her via email at or connect with her on social media. She looks forward to hearing from you and engaging with the community as she continues her work as a political reporter in Denver.

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