Hobbies and Interests in your Lifestyle

Hobbies are interesting, lighter pursuits or can be almost anything a person likes to do which he takes up as an occupation for his spare or leisure time. Hobby basically a person’s passion although do not yield any material profit at a tall. What is a business to a man may be a hobby to another. People get indulge in a hobby only because they love to do it and there is no reason behind this but an irrational love. Sir William Osler, a famous Canadian doctor said; Education pic No man is really happy or save without a hobby, and it makes precious little difference what the outside interest may be- botany, or butterflies, roses, tulips, irises; fishing, mountaineering, or antiques- anything will do so long as he straddles a hobby and rides it hard. People take up hobbies because they provide and offer knowledge, relaxation, enjoyment, Hobbies help people relax after the period or hard and provide them refreshment and charms and thus act as a balance between work hard and play. In ancient and early times most people were too busy making a living to have many hobbies. As; Einstein (the great scientist) relaxed himself by playing upon violin, Churchill pursued painting, Bernard show took delight in growing vegetables. Ancient Egyptians played games with balls made up of wood, pottery and papyrus. Some Greeks and Romans collected miniature soldiers. Basically hobbies can be classified into 3 types; -collations and observations based hobbies -physical exertion based hobbies. -creativity work based hobbies. 1-Collection and observation related hobbies includes collecting postage, stumps (which is most common among people); antiquities, curiosities, old books etc. 2-in physical exertion hobbies category all sort of games such as basket balls, hockey, Indoor games, swimming, hunting, rowing, gardening etc are included. 3-in third type category usually human hand wok and imagination are required. Yet it may be writing, painting, woodcarving etc. Usually hobbies are of great use not waste of time. Doctors and researchers found that hobbies play vital and valuable role in helping patients recover from physical and mental illness. Hobbies refresh mind and enliven our developing spirits. 4-pursuit of a hobby is the only mean to avert fatigue. 5-relive person’s dull monotony of life. 6-remove tedium of mind and add charm to life. As truly said by Churchill that: