How To Choose A Metal Detector Brand

Centuries after the 1851 gold rush swept through Australia, the country is still very much in love with the precious metal. Australia is second only to China is gold production, and its prospecting community is as vibrant as ever, scattered across almost every state and region where the gold fields continue to yield valuable nuggets. Gold detectors as such are more affordable now, and even average Australians can avail themselves to a premium gold detector by forking out several thousand dollars. Here are some details that one can look out for while selecting a metal detector brand. Reputable and Trusted Brand Name Granted that metal detectors are not as widely made and distributed as most retail goods, when one is doling out hundreds or thousands of dollars it is vital to check out the brand first, and its reputation within Australia and globally. For instance, Minelab detectors are produced by Australian brand Minelab, which has been in operation for decades and is known for technological innovation. It’s pulse induction technology revolutionised prospecting by enabling metal detections to scan deeper and past highly mineralised soil where most gold lies, when previous very low frequency (VLF) technology simply allowed for shallow detecting. Another trusted name is US brand Garrett, which has been in the business for 50 years servicing military as well as commercial security needs with their metal detectors. Long Product Warranties As with all products, it is important that a metal detector have a long warranty or guarantee period to offset its high costs. A top-of-the-line Minelab detector, for example, enjoys warranty period of three years for the control box and coil, the two most essential working parts of a metal detector. Garrett, on the other hand, offers two-year warranties on limited parts and labour for its signature gold detector. If parts are interchangeable between several models, it also allows users more flexibility in purchasing detector accessories while keeping the warranty valid. Wide Network of Retailers When forking out money over a detector can reach upwards of four digits, a long product warranty period may not suffice if the brand is not widely distributed in you state or region. Minelab, being an Australian brand, has a wide network of dealers and retailers who are technically trained to resolve most issues on the spot in any state or region in Australia. Minelab also has multiple service centres scattered around the world and within Australia to provide quick repair work. It also has an electronics base in the country so users can expect quick service and answers when they face issues with their detectors. Garrett, meanwhile, is a US brand but maintains a strong Australian presence. In the event repair work is too extensive for a local retailer, users can fill up an international repair form and ship with their detector to the company’s base in Germany. Though choosing between the various brands and models available can be a tricky affair, most prospectors choose then stick to one brand for ease of use.