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Jacque Gonzales Biography

Jacque Gonzales is an American QVC program host.  In this position she presents product information, conducts demonstrations, and interacts with QVC’s on–air guests, vendors, celebrities, and viewers.  She  moved to Honolulu, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and finally to New York City. During that time  Jacque was working as a radio programmer and remained in it for 18 years.  Jacque announced on May 22, 2017 that she has left QVC.

Jacque Gonzales Age | How Old Is Jacque Gonzales Qvc

Jacque was born on August 13, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her age is not known but she is probably in her mid or late forties.

Jacque Gonzales Family | Jacque Gonzales Parents

Jacque was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is the daughter of Connie. She looks after her aged mother and she cares alot for her. Her mother is 89 years old as of 2019. Information about her father and siblings is not known. Her family still resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jacque Gonzales Husband | Jacque Gonzales Married |Is Jacque Gonzales Still Married

Jacque is a married woman. She and her husband Jum were joined together in Holy Matrimony in June 2004 after dating for a couple of years. The couple celebrated their 14th marriage anniversary in 2018. The couple has a daughter.

Jacque Gonzales QVC Host

Jacque joined QVC as a program host in 2002. She presented product information, conducts demonstrations, and interacts with vendors, celebrities, and guest. Before she joined  QVC, she worked at Universal Music Group as the promotions manager in New York.

She announced on May 22, 2017, that she decided to part ways with the network after working for fifteen years for QVC.  In her website, Jacque claims that she has a wide array of interests and she needs to narrow herself down. She mentioned interest such as Beauty, Fashion, Tech, Baking, DIY, Inspirational and she would  like to focus time on Mental Illness and Domestic Violence in some way. During her career at radio industry, she enjoyed the opportunities to work with major celebrities. Her career has spanned over 35 years in Radio & TV.

Prior to joining QVC, Jacque was the promotions manager for Universal Music Group in New York, developing record promotions and marketing, assisting artists, and coordinating appearances.

Jacque spent nearly 20 years in the radio industry, both behind the scenes and on the air. She held a number of positions, including Program Director, Music Director, and On–Air Personality.

  • Los Angeles – KOST Coast 103.5 – KPWR Power 106 – Westwood One Satellite Radio
  • Honolulu – KQMQ Jammin 93.1
  • Dallas – KRBV Hot 100
  • Kansas City – KXXR X106 – KBEQ Q104 – KKCJ CJ106
  • Albuquerque – KANW 89.1 – KKSS 97.3 KISS FM
  • Oxnard, CA – KCAQ Q104.7 – KBBY B95.1
  • New York – Universal Music Group

She had the opportunity to work with major celebrities. Jacque has also done national and local commercial voice over work. During her time  in Honolulu, Jacque gained television experience as the co–host of the weekly entertainment program, World Café Party Patrol TV.

Her  additional television credits include spots on The Practice, Clockwatchers, and the first season of The Learning Channel’s A Dating Story.

Jacque Gonzales Photo

Reason Jacque Gonzales Left Qvc

Jacque left her high-paying job in QVs suddenly in 2017. Fans have always wondered why she decided to do so. She made an official announcement on May 22, 2017 that she left the show. Jacque joined QVC back in 2002.  According to her website, she left QVC to pursue other important things.

Jacque Gonzales Net Worth | Jacque Gonzales Salary

Jacque’s salary and Net worth is not disclosed yet, there is no doubt she has earned millions of fortunes from her long career.

Jacque Gonzales Breast Cancer |Jacque Gonzales Blog

Jacque is also a writer, and she used to write a blog for QVC sharing her life’s snippets on it. It is through it that she spilled the beans that she had been diagnosed with a lump in her breast. Jacque Gonzales illness was feared to be breast cancer, but it was not. Probably Jacque Gonzales husband was shocked, and he whispered a prayer to his maker about it. All the same, there was nothing to be alarmed about because Jacque Gonzalez illness was not fatal.

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