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Jason Newsted Biography

Jason Newsted is an American metal musician.  He is best known for being the third bass guitarist with the band Metallica from October 1986 until his sudden departure in January 2001.

Initially Jason was a member of Flotsam and Jetsam. After Metallica, Jason has been involved with Echobrain, Ozzy Osbourne, Voivod, and led the band Newsted from 2012 to 2014.

With Voivod, Jason used the pseudonym Jasonic, which is also the name of his music publishing company. Jason is also the founder of the Chophouse Records studio and label based in California. Newsted lives in Walnut Creek, California.

Jason Newsted Age

Jason was on March 4, 1963 in Battle Creek, Michigan. He is 56 years old as of 2019.

Metallica Jason Family

Jason was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. He has two siblings an older brother and a younger sister .  Jason brought  up on a farm and at the age of six was given the responsibility of looking after animals. Jason was tasked with looking after hundreds of chickens and rabbits.

Jason told author Paul Stenning, “It’s where I learned about life – seeing a baby cow born right in front of your eyes when you’re eight years old is pretty intense…I was from a very strong family and I was raised to be a strong, pure Americana farm boy.”

His mother taught piano and one of his brothers plays trumpet. Jason was exposed to music during his childhood, listening to the record collections of his older brothers. His first instrument was a guitar, which he started to play at 9 years old, but he moved to bass at 14, after listening to Gene Simmons of Kiss.

His cites Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath as his major influence.  other significant influences. His other influences includes Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Peter Baltes of Accept, Geddy Lee of Rush, Rob Grange of Ted Nugent and Bill Church of Montrose.

Jason Newsted Wife

Jason is married to Nicole Leigh Smith whom he wed in October 2012.  Nicole was his girlfriend for 11 years, to whom he refers as the “love of my life”. Whilst still his girlfriend, it was Nicole, an artist herself, who suggested he try painting. She now encourages Jason to “move forward with his art”.

Metallica Jason Newsted / Jason Newsted Band

His first live performance with Metallica was on November 8, 1986 at the Country Club in Reseda, California. Jason’s  studio debut with Metallica was on The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited in 1987. This was followed by his first studio album with the band, …And Justice for All (1988), which was subject to controversy and criticism for, among other issues, its murky bass sound.

Jason claims this was further hazing on the part of Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, although both Ulrich and Hetfield claim they were also disappointed with the production of the album.  In addition, they claim that most or all of Jason’s bass lines closely followed the rhythm guitar lines to the point of being indiscernible from each other.

As plans were being made for the band to enter the recording studio to record its eighth studio album on January 17, Jason announced his departure. His statement revealed his departure was based on “private and personal reasons and the physical damage I have done to myself over the years while playing the music that I love.”

During a Playboy interview with Metallica, Jason revealed that he wanted to release an album with Echobrain. Hetfield was against the idea and said, “When someone does a side project, it takes away from the strength of Metallica.” Jason countered his statement by citing Hetfield’s contributions to other musical outlets

Jason Newsted Bass

Jason is  best known for his bass solo which included parts of “My Friend of Misery” (which Newsted had originally written as an instrumental)  and bass parts from his former band, Flotsam and Jetsam.

Jason Newsted Music Groups

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Jason Newsted and the Chophouse Band
  • WhoCares
  • Newsted

Jason Newsted Net Worth

Jason has an estimated net worth of $40 million which accumulated from his successful career.

Jason Newsted Hair / Jason Newsted Haircut

Jason Newsted Paintings / Jason Newsted Art

Jason found solace through painting during his recovering from his shoulder injury. He has turned out a number of large original works of art over the last half a decade.  He says that he went “from making crazy and colorful music to making crazy and colorful paintings.” On May 4, 2010 his first gallery show opened  at Micaëla Gallery in San Francisco.

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