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Jodie Foster Biography

Jodie Foster born Alicia Christian is an American actress, director, and producer.  She has received three British Academy Film Awards, two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and the Cecil B DeMille Award. As a director, she has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award.

Jodie started her modelling career when she was a child with three years old. She made her acting debut in 1968 in the television sitcom Mayberry R.F.D. Jodie worked in several television series in the late 1960s and early 1970s and made her film debut with Disney’s Napoleon and Samantha (1972). Due to her appearances in the musical Tom Sawyer (1973) and Martin Scorsese’s comedy-drama Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974), Foster’s breakthrough came with Scorsese’s psychological thriller Taxi Driver (1976), in which she played a child prostitute; at age 14, she received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her other known roles as a teenager were in the musical Bugsy Malone (1976) and the thriller The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976), and she became a popular teen idol by starring in Disney’s Freaky Friday (1976) and Candleshoe (1977), as well as Carny (1980) and Foxes (1980).

When Foster was in college at Yale she struggled to transition into adult roles until she gained critical acclaim for playing a rape survivor in the legal drama The Accused (1988). In this drama she won the Academy Award for Best Actress.  Three years later she won her second Academy Award for the psychological horror The Silence of the Lambs (1991), in which she portrayed Clarice Starling. Jodie made her debut as a film director the same year with Little Man Tate, and founded her own production company, Egg Pictures, in 1992.

The company’s first production was Nell (1994), in which she also played the title role, garnering her fourth nomination for an Academy Award. Her other successful films in the 1990s were the romantic drama Sommersby, western comedy Maverick (1994), science fiction Contact (1997), and period drama Anna and the King (1999).

In the early 2000s Jodi experienced career setbacks that included the cancellation of a film project and the closing down of her production company, but she then starred in four commercially successful thrillers: Panic Room (2002), Flightplan (2005), Inside Man (2006), and The Brave One (2007). She has mainly focused on directing in the 2010s, directing the films The Beaver (2011) and Money Monster (2016),  as well as episodes for Netflix television series Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and Black Mirror. Other films that she  starred includes Carnage (2011), Elysium (2013), and Hotel Artemis (2018).

Jodie Foster Age | How Old Is Jodie Foster

Jodie was born on November 19, 1962 in Los Angeles, California. She is 56 years old as of 2019.

How Tall Is Jodie Foster | Jodie Foster Height | Jodie Foster Measurements

Jodie stands at a height of 1.61 m and a Body Measurements‎ of ‎34-24-33.

Jodie Foster Family | Jodie Foster Parents | Jodie Foster Young | Jodie Foster Father | Jodie Foster Siblings

Jodie was born in Los Angeles, Calilfornia. She is a child of Evelyn Ella and Lucius Fisher Foster III. Jodie’s father came from a wealthy Chicago family whose forebears included John Alden, who arrived in North America on the Mayflower in 1620. Lucius Jodie’s father was a Yale University graduate, a decorated U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel, and a real estate broker.

Jodie Foster Mother

Before marrying Brandy in Las Vegas in 1953 Lucius had three sons from an earlier marriage . His wife Brandy was of German heritage and was brought up   in Rockford, Illinois.  Jodie also has Irish roots, with ancestry that can be traced back to County Cork. Before she was born Brandy and Lucius had three other children: daughters Lucinda “Cindy” Foster (born 1954) and Constance “Connie” Foster (born 1955), and son Lucius Fisher “Buddy” Foster (born 1957). Their marriage ended before Foster was born, and she never established a relationship with her father.

Following the divorce, Brandy raised the children with her partner in Los Angeles.  She worked as a publicist for film producer Arthur P. Jacobs, until focusing on managing the acting careers of Buddy and Jodie.  Although Foster was officially named Alicia, her siblings began calling her “Jodie”, and the name stuck.  Foster was a gifted child who learned to read at the age of three.

Jodie Foster Education | Jodie Foster College

Jodie attended a French-language prep school, the Lycée Français de Los Angeles. Her fluency in French has enabled her to act in French films, and she also dubs herself in French-language versions of most of her English-language films.  She also understands Italian, although she does not speak it, as well as some German  and Spanish.

At her graduation in 1980, she delivered the valedictory address for the school’s French division. Already a successful actor, Foster attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  She majored in literature, writing her thesis on Toni Morrison under the guidance of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and graduated magna cum laude in 1985.  She returned to Yale in 1993 to address the graduating class, and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

Jodie Foster Wife | Jodie Foster Partner | Jodie Foster Children | Jodie Foster Sons | Is Jodie Foster Married | Jodie Foster Alexandra Hedison | Jodie Foster Daughter

Foster rarely talks about her private life during interviews, and she has stated that she “values privacy against all else” due to having spent most of her life in the public eye. Jodie lives in Los Angeles, and while partnered with Cydney Bernard she has two sons, Charles “Charlie” Foster (b. 1998) and Christopher “Kit” Foster (b. 2001). Jodie met Bernard on the set of Sommersby (1993) and was in a relationship with her from 1993 to 2008.

Foster married actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison in April 2014. In 2011 she stated that having children has made her take on fewer projects: “It is a big sacrifice to leave home. I want to make sure that I feel passionate about the movies I do because it is a big sacrifice … Even if you take the average movie shoot of four months – you have three weeks’ prep, press duties here and abroad, dubbing and looping, magazine covers, events and premieres – that’s eight months out of a year. That’s a long time. If you do two movies back-to-back, you’re never going to see your children.”

Jodie Foster Gay | Jodie Foster Lesbian

Foster’s sexual orientation became subject to public discussion in 1991, when activists protesting against the alleged homophobia in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) claimed that she was a closeted lesbian in articles in publications such as OutWeek and The Village Voice.  While she had been in a relationship with Bernard for a long time, Foster first publicly acknowledged it in a speech at The Hollywood Reporter’s “Women in Entertainment” breakfast honoring her in 2007.  In 2013, she addressed coming out in a speech after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 70th Golden Globe Awards, which led many news outlets to describe her as lesbian or gay,  although some sources noted that she did not use the words “gay” or “lesbian” in her speech.

 Jodie Foster Films | Jodie Foster Movies List | Jodie Foster Early Movies

Movies From Year 2002 to 2018

2018 – Hotel Artemis as Jean Thomas (The Nurse)
2013 – Elysium as Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt
2011 – The Beaver as Meredith Black
2011 – Carnage as Penelope Longstreet
2008 – Nim’s Island as Alexandra Rover
2007 – The Brave One asErica Bain
2006 – Inside Man as Madeline White
2005 – Flightplan as Kyle Pratt
2004 – A Very Long Engagement as Elodie Gordes
2003 – Abby Singer as Herself
2002 – The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys as Sister Assumpta
2002 – Panic Room as Meg Altman

Movies From Year 1982 to 1999

1999 – Anna and the King as Anna Leonowens
1997 – Contact as Dr. Eleanor Arroway
1994 – Maverick as Mrs. Annabelle Bransford
1994 – Nell as Nell Kellty
1993 – Sommersby as Laurel Sommersby
1993 – It Was a Wonderful Life as Narrator
1991 – The Silence of the Lambs as Clarice Starling
1991 – Little Man Tate as Dede Tate
1991 – Shadows and Fog as Prostitute
1990 – Catchfire as Anne Benton
1988 – Stealing Home as Katie Chandler
1988 – The Accused as Sarah Tobias
1987 – Five Corners as Linda
1987 – Siesta as Nancy
1986 – Mesmerized as Victoria Thompson
1984 – The Hotel New Hampshire as Frannie Berry
1984 – The Blood of Others as Hélène Bertrand
1983 – Svengali as Zoe Alexander
1982 – O’Hara’s Wife as Barbara O’Hara

Movies From Year 1972 to 1980

1980 – Foxes as Jeanie
1980 – Carny as Donna
1977 – Moi, fleur bleue as Isabelle Tristan (aka Fleur bleue)
1977 – Casotto as Teresina Fedeli
1977 – Candleshoe as Casey Brown
1976 – Taxi Driver as Iris “Easy” Steensma
1976 – Echoes of a Summer as Deirdre Striden
1976 – Bugsy Malone as Tallulah
1976 – The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lan as Rynn Jacobs
1976 – Freaky Friday as Annabel Andrews/Ellen Andrews
1974 – Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore as Audrey
1973 – Tom Sawyer as Becky Thatcher
1973 – One Little Indian as Martha McIver
1972 – Napoleon and Samantha as Samantha
1972 – Kansas City Bomber as Rita

Jodie Foster New Movie

  • Hotel Artemis    – Action
  • Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché   – Documentary
  • Becoming Iconic   – Documentary
  • Smile, Jenny, You’re Dead

Jodie Foster Tv Shows

Tv Shows From Year 1973 to 2014

2014 – Makers: Women Who Make America as Narrator
2009 – The Simpsons as Maggie Simpson (voice)
2005 – Statler and Waldorf: From the Balcony as Herself
1997 – The X-Files as Betty (voice)
1996 – Frasier as Marlene (voice)
1975 – Medical Center as Ivy
1975 – The Secret Life of T.K. Dearing as T.K. Dearing
1974 – Smile, Jenny, You’re Dead (Harry O) as Liberty Cole
1974 – Paper Moon as Addie Loggins
1973 – Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice as Elizabeth Henderson
1973 – Rookie of the Year as Sharon Lee
1973 – Alexander as Sue
1973 – The Partridge Family as Julie
1973 – Love Story as Ellie Madison
1973 – Kung Fu as Alethea Patricia Ingram
1973 – The New Perry Mason as Hildy Haynes
1973 – The Addams Family as Pugsley Addams (voice)

Tv Shows From Year 1968 to 1972

1972 – Bonanza as Bluebird
1972 – Ghost Story (Circle of Fear) as Judy
1972 – The Paul Lynde Show as Maggie
1972 – My Sister Hank as Henrietta “Hank” Bennett
1972 – The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan as Anne Chan (voice)
1972 – Ironside as Pip Morrison
1971 – My Three Sons as Priscilla Hobson
1970 – Menace on the Mountain as Suellen McIver
1970 – Daniel Boone as Rachel
1970 – Adam-12 as Mary Bennett
1970 – Nanny and the Professor as Angela
1969–1972 – Gunsmoke as Susan Sadler
1969–1971 – The Courtship of Eddie’s Father as Joey Kelly
1969 – The Doris Day Show as Jenny Benson
1969 – Julia as Cindy Blanchard
1968–1970 – Mayberry R.F.D. as Fairy

Jodie Foster Oscar | Jodie Foster Awards | Jodie Foster Academy Awards

The Academy Awards, most commonly referred to as “The Oscars”, is an annual ceremony established by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in 1927 to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry, including directors, actors and writers.  Jodie has received four nominations and has won the award twice. Moreover, she’s the tenth youngest nominee in the Best Supporting Actress Category, is one of two people only (other being Luise Rainer) to win two Oscars before the age of 30 and is the second youngest two-time Oscar winner.

  • 1977 – Taxi Driver
  • 1989 – The Accused
  • 1992 – The Silence of the Lambs
  • 1995 – Nell

Jodie Foster Beaver

The Beaver is a 2011 drama film directed by Jodie Foster and written by Kyle Killen. It stars Mel Gibson, Foster, Anton Yelchin, and Jennifer Lawrence. It is Gibson and Foster’s first film together since 1994’s Maverick and Summit Entertainment’s only film to have Entertainment One not distribute it within the United Kingdom.

Jodie Foster Hot | Jodie Foster Feet | Jodie Foster Legs | Jodie Foster Bikini | Jodie Foster Hairstyles

Jodie Foster photos

Jodie Foster Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is a neo-noir psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Paul Schrader, and starring Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, Peter Boyle, Albert Brooks and Leonard Harris. It was set in a decaying New York City following the Vietnam War.  The film is based on the story of a lonely veteran (De Niro) working as a taxi driver, who descends into insanity as he plots to assassinate both the presidential candidate (Harris) for whom the woman he is infatuated with (Shepard) works, and the pimp (Keitel) of an underage prostitute (Foster) he befriends.

Jodie Foster Director

Foster released her first feature film as a director, Little Man Tate in October 1991.  It is a  drama about a child prodigy who struggles to come to terms with being different.  The main role was played by previously unknown actor Adam Hann-Byrd, and Foster co-starred as his working-class single mother. She had found the script from the “slush pile” at Orion Pictures,  and explained that for her debut film she “wanted a piece that was not autobiographical, but that had to do with the 10 philosophies I’ve accumulated in the past 25 years. Every single one of them, if they weren’t in the script from the beginning, they’re there now.”

Although Jodie was publicly lauded for her choice to become a director, many reviewers felt that the film itself did not live up to the high expectations, and regarded it as “less adventurous than many films in which [she] had starred”. Regardless, it was a moderate box office success.  Foster’s final film appearance of the year came in a small role as a prostitute in Shadows and Fog (1991), directed by Woody Allen, with whom she had wanted to collaborate since the 1970s.



Home for the Holidays
The Baby Dance
Waking the Dead
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
The Brave One

Jodie Foster House

Jodie Foster House and girlfriend photos

Jodie Foster Plane

Flightplan(2005) is  psychological thriller mystery film directed by Robert Schwentke, written by Peter A. Dowling and Billy Ray, and starring Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard, Erika Christensen, Kate Beahan, Greta Scacchi, Sean Bean, and Matt Bomer (in his film debut). A co-production of United States and Germany, the film’s narrative follows Kyle Pratt, a widowed American aircraft engineer living in Berlin, who flies back to the U.S with her daughter and her husband’s body only to lose her daughter during the flight and must struggle to find her while proving her sanity at the same time.

The plot’s basic premise (albeit with a very different denouement) is similar to a 1955 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled, “Into Thin Air”, as well as Hitchcock’s 1938 film The Lady Vanishes. It is also reminiscent of the 1950 British film So Long at the Fair.

Jodie Foster Wedding

Jodie married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison in 2014.  The two began dating in October 2013, but have kept mum on their relationship. The couple made their first public appearance together that same month at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts gala in Beverly Hills.

Back in January 2013, Foster officially came out as gay during an emotional speech at the Golden Globes.

“I did my coming out a thousand years ago back in the stone age, in those quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family,” she told the star-studded audience while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. “Now I’m told every celebrity is expected [to share] the details of their private life with a reality show.”

How Much Is Jodie Foster Worth

Jodie is an American actress, film director and producer who has an estimated net worth of $100 million dollars.

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