John Gotti Agnello Biography, Age, Victoria, Wife, MMA, Wedding and Net worth

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John Gotti Agnello Biography

John Gotti Agnello is an American-Italian reality television star. He is named after his grandfather, John Gotti, a reported leader in the Gambino crime family. John appeared in the TV series Growing Up Gotti.

John Gotti Agnello Age

John was born on May 5, 1987 in Long Island, New York in USA.

John Gotti Agnello family | John Gotti Agnello Victoria Gotti

John was born in Long Island, New York.  He is the second son of Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello. He is named after his grandfather, the late John Gotti, a reported leader in the Gambino crime family. John is an excellent student, and who graduated from St. Dominic High School in Oyster Bay, New York, and went on to college in the New York area.

John Gotti Agnello Wife | John Gotti Agnello Married | John Gotti Agnello Child

John married his longtime squeeze Alina Sanchez in 2015 . The couple welcomed their son in December 2016, also named John. In the same year, the Feds raided an auto parts shop owned by John and his two brothers in an ongoing investigation.

John Gotti Agnello Wedding | John Gotti Agnello Wedding Pics

During John’s wedding his Father Carmine Agnello and Mafia princess/ex-wife Victoria Gotti traded barbs a day before the wedding night over her date for the evening — hunky soap opera star Jack Scalia, attendees said.

“If you think it’s over between us, you’re dead wrong!” Agnello was heard shouting at Gotti.

But Victoria who is  the daughter of the late mob boss returned fire, shouting, “I divorced you a decade ago get used to it!”
It was actually 12 years ago when Victoria dumped Agnello after he was convicted of racketeering and exposed for cheating on her with his Queens secretary.

The hard feelings came up as the their son John, the middle of three Agnello boys once featured on the reality show, “Growing Up Gotti,” married fiancee Alina Sanchez.

The hit show chronicled Victoria Gotti’s life as a single mother raising three boys on Long Island.

John’s parents were married for 17 years, with infamous “Teflon Don” John Gotti arranging for Agnello to become a made member of the Gambino family.
Victoria the mob boss later regretted his choice, describing Agnello as “an imbecile” devoid of common sense.

“Does he get in the back seat of the car and think someone has stolen the steering wheel?” John Gotti once asked Victoria during a prison visit.

John, was named for his maternal grandfather who died in 2002 at the federal prison in Springfield. Mo.

John’s wedding was held at the Oheka Castle Hotel in Huntington, where owner Gary Melius was shot and wounded by a masked gunman in 2013 — an attack that remains unsolved.

His father who faces racketeering charges in Ohio in a scam similar to the Queens case that landed him behind bars, needed a judge’s permission to leave the state for the nuptials.

John’s father was arrested in what authorities described as a $3 million stolen car and scrap metal scam. Officials also accused Angello of injecting race horses with performance-enhancing drugs.

John Gotti Agnello

John Gotti Agnello Net Worth

His net worth is not yet known.

John Gotti Agnello MMA

John made his debut in October 2017 and has proven to be a real contender in the MMA world. John began his career undefeated, with two knockouts against the fighters Eddie Haws and Johnny Adams.

As he builds a name for himself, it’s hard to ignore his family’s history: His grandfather is none other than the mob boss John J. Gotti, the infamous “Dapper Don,” who reigned as head of the Gambino crime family from the mid-1980s until his imprisonment in 1992.

Frank And John Gotti Agnello

Frank Gotti Agnello who is the Reality TV personality is the younger brother of John. He is the  son of Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello, and grandson of John Gotti. From 2004 to 2005, Frank appeared on the reality television show Growing Up Gotti with his family.

John Gotti Carmine Gotti Agnello

Carmine is the father to John he is a New York mobster from the Gambino crime family who ran a scrap metal recycling operation. John’s father was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio in July 2015 on charges of theft, money laundering, and conspiracy, as well as drugging his own race horses with performance-enhancing drugs. Carmine  operated a $3 million stolen car and scrap metal scam at his scrapyard in Cleveland. He accepted a plea deal in 2017.

Where Does John Gotti Agnello Live

John now lives a mostly quiet life in Long Island with his family.

John Gotti Agnello Shirtless | John Gotti Agnello Tattoos

John Gotti Agnello

John Gotti Agnello Ufc | John Gotti Agnello Today

John remembers the first time he ever sat down to watch an MMA fight. It was 2006 and his father, John Jr., had just gotten out of prison. He was told by his father about the big UFC title fight between Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture — a trilogy bout — at UFC 57.

At the time John was in eighth grade.  He was just looking to spend some time with his dad, so they watched together.

“Just to bond with him, I wanted to watch the fights,” John III told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “So I tuned into the fights that night and ever since that night I became hooked.”

It was Liddell’s knockout of Couture and then it was clips of Quinton Jackson’s highlights. John was all in on mixed martial arts.

Now, about 12 years later, his own fighting career is in full swing. John, who is 1-0 as a pro, was to face Eddie Haws at CES NY 1 on Friday night in Long Island, N.Y. where his father. was the attendance at The Space in Westbury that night, along with dozens maybe even hundreds of friends and family.

John Gotti Agnello Interview 48 Hours

The Gottis Revealed Mafia chieftain John’s children, Angel, Victoria and Peter, as well as three grandchildren, speak openly about a life shrouded in secrecy and reveal what they knew about the mafia in an exclusive interview with “48 Hours Mystery” correspondent Troy Roberts. They shared their private photos, home movies and intimate details about what it was really like growing up Gotti.

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