John L. Georgiou Biography, Age, Wife, Dr. John Georgiou Show And Net Worth

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John L. Georgiou Biography

John L. Georgiou is an American radio talk show host. His talk show career began in 1989 in New York City, New York radio station WEVD. Currently he lives in Northeast Pennsylvania where he broadcasts the “Dr. John Georgiou Show.” The show is internationally syndicated.

John L. Georgiou
John L. Georgiou

John L. Georgiou Age

John was born on December 12, 1966 in Woodside, New York in Queens. He is 57 years old as of 2023.

John L. Georgiou Family

John was born in Woodside, New York in Queens. He is the son of Katherine (Kay), an employee in New York’s fashion district, and Lykurgos (Lee), a custom tailor and owner of a dry cleaning establishment. He is of Greek descent.

John L. Georgiou Education

John graduated from the Bronx High School of Science. While there, he was briefly editor of the school newspaper and was the champion of the school’s backgammon team. One of his more recognizable classmates, was actor, director, producer Jon Favreau. After he graduated, he went back to coach the girls’ varsity swim team.

John L. Georgiou Wife

John married his childhood acquaintance Irene, a fellow tax accountant in June 1996. They have one daughter.

John L. Georgiou Dr. John Georgiou Show

John’s first radio gig began on February 15, 1990 as a temporary fill-in for a time slot previously held by Rabbi Jacob J. Hecht on New York radio station WEVD. His mix of tax knowledge, tongue-in-cheek humor and quick witted comebacks made his show an instant hit. Within six weeks, “The Dr John Georgiou Show” was headed to syndication. He also became co-host of Voices across America in 2009. That show airs on West Coast Radio and showcases celebrity interviews. John is known for showcasing his celebrity guests in a “This is your Life” format and surprising them on air with individuals and mementos from their past.

John L.Georgiou Photos

John’s first radio contract negotiations were halted in October 1989 due to a conflict with the network. The station WEVD wanted him to change his name to John George. The network believed that it was impossible to successfully promote a show with a guest that had such a long and obviously ethnic last name. Rather than consent to the change John walked out of contract negotiations. He insisted that he was not “cut out for show business” if he was not going to be allowed to use his real name. The network eventually relented and his radio show debuted four months later as the “Dr. John Georgiou Income Tax Show.”

John began practicing taxation professionally when he was only 14 years old and opened his first tax office in 1984 at the age of eighteen. He began his radio career while still in medical school and juggled his radio show, medical school and tax office operations until graduation.

John L. Georgiou Awards And Recognition

John is a senior enrolled agent registered with the Department of Treasury.  He received the Congressional Medal of Distinction for meritorious achievement in federal taxation. John has been a recurrent guest as the tax expert on Sirius XM Radio and he is a regular speaker and panelist at the semi-annual Meet the Media National Publicity Summit in New York City.  He is also recognized as the Tax Doctor as he has a medical degree but preaches taxes instead.

In 2003 John was named the Business Advisory Council’s Businessman of the Year and again in 2006.  He was appointed by  Newt to the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force Advisory Board. In 2004 John was placed in the Accounting Hall of Fame. He was honored with a Reagan Congressional Commission in 2008. John has been named as one of Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting,” and he is considered to be one of the “Best Tax Specialists in America.

John L. Georgiou Net Worth

John has never disclosed his annual salary from his career. His estimated net worth is still undereview.

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