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Josh Peck Biography

Josh Peck born Joshua Michael Peck  is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, and YouTube personality. He is mostly known for playing Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon live-action sitcom Drake & Josh. Josh started his career as a child actor in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  He became popular to young audiences after his role on The Amanda Show.

Josh has since acted in films such as Mean Creek, Drillbit Taylor, The Wackness, ATM, and Red Dawn, along with voicing Eddie in the Ice Age franchise. He also starred in the series Grandfathered as Gerald in a lead role with John Stamos. Formerly he voiced Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Josh also starred in a Netflix comedy, Take the 10, along with Tony Revolori.

Josh as of 2017,  he began branching out in YouTube starting his own comedic lifestyle YouTube channel, Shua Vlogs, featuring David Dobrik and his wife Paige O’ Brien.

Josh Peck Age | How Old Is Josh Peck

Josh was born on November 10, 1986 in New York City New York. He is 32 years old as of year 2018.

How Tall Is Josh Peck

Josh stands at a height of 1.83 m.

Josh Peak Family | Josh Peck Dad

Josh was born in New York City, New York. During his birth his parents were unmarried and he has never met his biological father. He was brought up by his mother, Barbara, who is a career coach, and his maternal grandmother.. During his childhood he had asthma, and often stayed indoors watching old sitcoms. Josh was inspired to become involved in stand-up comedy when he was eight years old.

Josh Peck Photo

Is Josh Peck Married | Josh Peck Wife

Peck married his longtime girlfriend, Paige O’Brien in June 2017.  The couple announced in August 2018 they were expecting their first child.  Their son, Max, was born that December 2017.

Josh dislikes watching himself on television because he is overly critical of himself. He cites Ben Kingsley as his favorite actor stating “Nobody is as good as him in my opinion”.

Josh Peck Religion

Josh is Jewish, and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony

Josh Peck Movies And Tv Shows | Josh Peck Actor

Peck later appeared at TADA! Youth Theater and performed stand-up comedy at Carolines on Broadway for the Audrey Hepburn foundation. At the age of 10 he appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show in 1996. He was offered a role on Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show at the age of 13, and, at his mother’s suggestion, accepted the part and moved to Los Angeles to further pursue an acting career.

In 2000 he appeared regularly on The Amanda Show until the end of its run in 2002 and made his film debut in Snow Day (2000).

On January 4th, 2017, Peck made his first feature on David Dobrik’s Vlog  and was featured in several videos before he decided to start making videos on his own Youtube channel. On July 19th, 2017 Josh uploaded his first video to his Youtube channel .  He  has been uploading to Youtube regularly, and has many brand deals such as RedBox  which allow him to make a decent living off being a Youtube personality.

Currently Peck also owns a podcast called “Curious with Josh Peck” produced by Ramble,   where he interviews celebrities such as John Stamos and Bob Saget discussing not only current topics but their personal lives.

Josh Peck Movies

Movies From Year 2012 To 2017

  • 2017 – Take the 10 as Chris
  • 2017 – Gnome Alone as Liam
  • 2016 – The Angry Birds Movie as Minion Pig 2
  • 2016 – Ice Age: Collision Course as Eddie
  • 2016 – Chronically Metropolitan as John
  • 2015 – The Wedding Ringe as Bad Best Man
  • 2015 – Danny Collins as Nicky Ernst
  • 2015 – The Timber as Samuel
  • 2013 – Battle of the Year as Franklyn
  • 2012 – ATM as Corey
  • 2012 – Ice Age: Continental Drift as Eddie
  • 2012 – Red Dawn as Matt Eckert

Movies From Year 2000 To 2009

  • 2009 – What Goes Up as Jim Lement
  • 2009 – Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs as Eddie
  • 2009 – Aliens in the Attic as Sparks
  • 2008 – The Wackness as Luke Shapiro
  • 2008 – Drillbit Taylor as Ronnie
  • 2008 – American Primitive as Spoke White
  • 2006 – Special as Joey
  • 2006 – Ice Age: The Meltdown as Eddie
  • 2005 – Havoc as Josh Rubin
  • 2004 – Mean Creek as George Tooney
  • 2002 – Spun as Fat Boy
  • 2001 – Max Keeble’s Big Move as Robert “Robe”
  • 2000 – The Newcomers as Slim
  • 2000 – Snow Day as Wayne Alworth
  • TBA – Bukowski as Charles Bukowski

Josh Peak TV Shows

Tv Shows From Year 2011 To 2018

  • 2018 – Fuller House as TBA[
  • 2016 – Pitch as Ross
  • 2016 – Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade as Eddie
  • 2015–16 – Grandfathered as Gerald
  • 2015 – Teen Choice Awards – Himself
  • 2014 – The Big Bang Theory as Jesse
  • 2014 – The Rebels as Danny Norwood
  • 2013–17 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Casey Jones
  • 2013–14 – The Mindy Project as Ray Ron
  • 2011 – Victorious as Josh Nichols
  • 2011 – Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas as Eddie

Tv Shows From Year 2001 To 2009

  • 2009 – iCarly as Jimmy
  • 2008 – Merry Christmas Drake and Josh as Josh Nichols
  • 2006 – Codename: Kids Next Door as Numbuh 50 Million B.C.
  • 2006 – What’s New, Scooby-Doo? as Damian / Kid / Zombie Kid #2
  • 2006 – Drake & Josh Go Hollywood as Josh Nichols
  • 2005 – All That – Himself
  • 2004–07 – Drake & Josh as Josh Nichols
  • 2003–04 – The Guardian as Chris Rapp
  • 2002 – Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? as Lenny
  • 2002 – MADtv as Jeffrey Lugz
  • 2002 – Fillmore! as Randall Julian
  • 2001 – ER as Nick Stevens
  • 2001 – Family Guy as Charlie
  • 2001 – Samurai Jack as S Kid / Pig #3 / Alien Kid
  • 2000–01 – The Amanda Show as Various characters
  • 2000 – All That -Himself
  • 2000 – Double Dare 2000 – Himself

Drake Bell And Josh Peck | Josh Peck Nickelodeon

Josh was cast as Josh Nichols, opposite Drake Bell’s Drake Parker, in another Nickelodeon sitcom, Drake & Josh, which started  airing in 2004 and gained Peck recognition among young audiences. His character as Josh Nichols, was smart, funny, and organized, however it was always being tormented along with Drake by Megan Parker (Miranda Cosgrove), Drake’s younger sister.

The two  characters sing in a remake of the song “Soul Man” by Sam and Dave.  Bell and Peck starred in their own TV movie called Drake & Josh Go Hollywood in 2006, and they starred in a sequel called Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp in 2007.   Josh was recommended  for Favorite Television Actor at the 2008 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for his work on Drake & Josh. Johs also made his debut as a director in the Drake & Josh episode, “Battle of Panthatar”.

Josh also directed his co-star Drake Bell’s music video for the theme song to Drake & Josh, “Found a Way”. He has also appeared in several  series which includes  finale of What’s New, Scooby-Doo?, an episode of Codename: Kids Next Door called “Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E.”, and the direct-to-video New Line Cinema film Havoc. He  went back  to the character of Josh Nichols in 2008 for the television film Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

Josh Peck Net Worth

Peck is an American actor he has an estimated net worth of $9 million.

Josh Peck Weight Loss | Josh Peck Fat | Josh Peck Weight

In the fourth season of Drake & Josh, Peck was noticeably thinner. He said:
“I made a conscious effort to lose weight because I knew I could be happier as well as being healthier. He stated that “I started by going on a diet a year and a half ago and I got a personal trainer, but I definitely have a healthier lifestyle now. Also I feel that because I do so much television, I am a better role model. I don’t really understand why I should be a role model, but I know that kids do look up to me, so it is my responsibility to motivate people and be inspiring. I hope that I can do that for kids. It doesn’t really matter what you look like though.

Currently he has a body weight of 180Ibs.

Josh Peck Before And After | Josh Peck Then And Now

josh peck weight loss

John Stamos And Josh Peck

Josh and John Stamos reunited on the Fuller House set when Peck appeared at the Tanner’s home. Stamos shared an Instagram video on Friday, August 3 2018, in which he gets off the famous blue and white couch when he hears a knock at the door. He then opens it and receives a surprise visitor.

Josh and Stamos became close friends during the one season of Grandfathered. In June 2017, Peck married his longtime girlfriend, Paige O’Brien, and Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh were in attendance.

Josh Peck House

Josh Peck house

Family reunion! Josh Peck and John Stamos reunited on the Fuller House set when Peck appeared at the Tanner’s home. Stamos shared an Instagram video on Friday, August 3, in which he gets off the famous blue and white couch when he hears a knock at the door. He then opens it and receives a surprise visitor.

Josh Peck Snapchat

Peck is  a prominent personality on the video-sharing services Vine and Snapchat

Josh Peck Big Bang Theory

In 2013 Peck signed on to play the archenemy of comic book store owner Stuart (Kevin Sussman) in a 2014 episode.

Josh Peck Drillbit Taylor

Peck played a high school bully in 2008’s Drillbit Taylor, and starred in the films The Wackness (released July 2008),  Drillbit Taylor  is a comedy film starring Owen Wilson as the eponymous character and based on an original idea by John Hughes. It was directed by Steven Brill and the screenplay was written by Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen. Paramount Pictures released the film on March 21, 2008.

Josh Peck Swearing

It is a coming-of-age psychological drama film written and directed by Jacob Aaron Estes and starring Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz, Trevor Morgan, Josh Peck, and Carly Schroeder. Produced by Susan Johnson, Rick Rosenthal, and Hagai Shaham.

Josh Peck New Movie

Locating Silver Lake 2018
Gnome Alone – 2017

Josh Peck Netflix Movie

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Josh Peck Twitter

Josh Peck Instagram

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