Katya Elise Henry Biography, Age, Mother, Boyfriend, Transformation, Vegan and Net Worth

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Katya Elise Henry Biography

Katya Elise Henry is an American model and social media celebrity. She rose to fame as a fitness model and online personal trainer. Her dedication towards a healthy lifestyle and putting herself through a thorough fitness training programme has granted her an awesome physique. Her commitment to work hard also inspired thousands of fans, which in turn has inspired her to consider personal training as a full-time profession.

Katya Elise Henry
Katya Elise Henry

Currently she has multiple accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, with her main account on Instagram sporting an incredible 3.5 million followers. Her philosophy has managed to engage her fans because of its sincerity, “Be motivated. Be active. Be confident. Be you.” In an Instagram post, she elaborated, stating that her aim is to “Influence you to be better.”

Katya Elise Henry Age

Katya was born on  14, 1994, in Minneapolis, MN, United States. She is 25 years old as of 2019.

Katya Elise Henry Measurements

Katya stands at a height of 5 ft 2 inches and a body weight of 53 kg. She has a pair of beautiful black eyes and black hair. There is no any information regarding her other body measurements.

Katya Elise Henry Mother | Katya Elise Henry Parents

Katya was born in Minneapolis, MN, United States.  She is the daughter of, Derick Anthony Henry (Professional Bodyguard) and Tawnya Lynn Nelson jewelry designer and model. She has two older sisters Tanaya Henry (Actress, Jewelry Designer) and Gabrielle Henry.

Katya Elise Henry Boyfriend |Katya Elise Henry Kuzma

Katya began dating singer Austin Mahone in early 2016. In the summer of that year, they took a road trip together to Tampa, Florida.  Her boyfriend Mahone confirmed in February 2017, the rumours which had been flying around for a few months that he and Katya have called it quits. She broke up with Austin in February 2017. After this breakup, Katya from late 2018, began a love relationship with an NBA player Kyle Kuzma

Katya Elise Henry Tattoo

Katy has several tattoos: a cross on the back of her neck, the word ‘Blessed’ on her right hip. She has a quote by Emme Woodhull-Bäche tattooed on the left side of her rib cage that reads, “Thorns and Stings / And Those Such Things / Just Make Stronger / Our Angel Wings.”

Katya Elise Henry Workout

Katya has personally designed 2 different workout programs to allow you to build the body that you have always dreamed of. Each of these programs can be done at home or in the gym, and have been designed in a way that will allow you to happily incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. Fitness should be fun and motivating, not boring and overwhelming.

Katya Elise Henry Leggings | Katya Elise Henry T Shirt

Satya Elise Photos

Katya Elise Henry Gym

Katya’s mother was a personal trainer with years of experience. Her mother took her under her wing, teaching her new techniques in the gym. Katya says, “I was blessed with a wonderful mother who is also, luckily, a personal trainer”.

The more she learnt about proper nutrition, supplementation, and weight-lifting from her mother, the more she “fell in love with it”. She enjoyed the planning that went into creating an effective workout plan, along with the results it gave her as she progressed.

Katya Elise Henry Transformation

Katya realized she wasn’t building the muscular body she wanted due to the cardiovascular nature of the sport . She also ate poorly and this forced her to look for guidance from her mother, who was a personal trainer  aiming to build her dream beach body.

After sticking to a structured workout, and diet plan, she began to notice serious changes in her appearance. This is when she began posting images of her improving physique online. She realized how motivational these pictures were for people, which inspired her to become a personal trainer –further improving her skills in the gym.

Currently  Katya has surpassed all of her goals; she’s created her ideal beach body, become a fitness entrepreneur, and along the way, attracted a large fan base on social media.

Katya Elise Henry Net Worth

Being a famous fitness model and Instagram celebrity, she earns a huge amount of money from her profession. She has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

Katya Elise Henry Vegan | Katya Elise Henry Diet

When did you choose to become vegan? Why did you choose to transition to a plant based lifestyle?

My sister Tanaya had a pretty big influence on my decision to try it out; she has definitely flourished since going plant-based and this is what initially generated my curiosity. I also wanted to see how it would affect my training and physique. There are a lot of people out there who say you can’t gain muscle on a plant-based diet, so I was interested in finding out for myself if this theory held any water. Since switching to a plant-based diet, I have gained muscle mass and am living my beliefs that we should be living in harmony with animals, rather than at their expense. It’s been uplifting to take real action in a way that could make a difference in relation to animal welfare. It’s been almost 2 years now and I really don’t see myself going back to my old lifestyle.

Have you noticed any benefits or changes since transitioning to a plant-based diet?

Since transitioning, it’s become easier to stay lean and my energy levels (and moods) don’t seem to fluctuate as much as they used to when I was eating more processed foods. I’ve also seen a big improvement in my skin; it has less flare-ups. And my digestion is better, too!

How have your strength and fitness levels changed since you started following a vegan diet?

A lot of people think that going plant-based will make them really tired and that they will lose all their gym gains, but this is simply not true at all! If anything, I feel that I have even more energy to exercise and I’m less focussed on calorie burning since my body fat levels are now naturally sitting at a lower level than when I was eating a more traditional diet.

Are there any supplements you take to help support your vegan diet?

I regularly use Blessed plant-based protein for my heavier workouts, if I’m on-the-go (as a snack), and in lots of my smoothies and recipes. I also take EHPlabs BCAAs to help me perform in the gym and improve my recovery, plus they contain the full B Vitamin spectrum.

What is your favorite go-to vegan recipe?

I can make a really mean vegan pasta that is always a hit when I cook for friends! It’s super quick and simple, and so tasty. I make it in bulk so I can take it on the go for quick snacks as well. Enjoy: https://vimeo.com/268335900/3603d07c68

Katya’s vegan pasta
Green pasta – cook for 10 minutes
Once cooked add the following:
Cubed cucumber
Sliced pitted black olives
Then drizzle with Italian dressing
Sprinkle vegan parmesan cheese to serve

I am also a huge fan of smoothies because they are loaded with nutrients, easy to digest, and they’re so quick to throw together. This is one of my favorites:  https://vimeo.com/268335819/550b12dd53

Katya’s Tasty Avocado Fruit Smoothie
Add the following ingredients to a blender:
Sliced avocado
Raspberries & strawberries (could be substituted with pineapple – whatever is in season)
Almond milk
Blend together and voila!

What are your best tips for young women looking to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle?

Take the time to transition slowly, step by step, and ALWAYS listen to your body throughout the process. I also suggest getting encouragement from friends, family and health professionals – having a strong support network made the process really uplifting for me. If you want to make the changes for health and ethical reasons, but you’re not super informed about diet, it’s pretty important to have guidance or follow a plan, to help make sure all of your body’s requirements are being met. Since transitioning myself, my team and I have put together meal plans that aim to smooth the transition to a plant-based lifestyle for others.

What is the best vegan restaurant you’ve ever visited?

Planta South Beach & Green Bar in Ft Lauderdale – they have delicious, 100% plant-based meals and an amazing vibe!

Adopted from: vegan-magazine.

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