Kelly Franson (Meteorologist) Biography,Age, Husband, KOAT Action 7 News, Brain Tumor, And Salary

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Kelly Franson Biography

Kelly Franson is an American meteorologist. Kelly Franson joined KOAT Action 7 News in April 2019 as meteorologist.  From rainy skies to 300-plus days of sunshine a year, Kelly  is excited to call the Land of Enchantment her new home.

Kelly Franson
Kelly Franson

Kelly Franson joined New Mexico from Seattle and has worked in other TV markets including Boise, Idaho, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Kelly Franson was born in Oregon, but grew up near Twin Falls, Idaho where she just paid a visit recently to see her parents on her drive to Albuquerque.

Kelly Franson Age

On 14th January, 2018, Kelly Franson did put a birthday celebration photo on her Facebook account commenting that “Age is just a number, (And a good excuse to celebrate!) #olderandwiser #thisis40 #ownit”. If we go by this, Kelly Franson turned 40 years old in 2018 thus was born around 1978 and is around age 45 years as of 2023. However this is age populated from Kelly Franson facebook page posts but she has not yet revealed her year, month and date of birth clearly so her actual age is still unknown.

Kelly Franson Family | Kelly Franson Husband

Kelly was born in Oregon, but grew up near twin falls, Idaho, where she just payed a visit recently to see her parents on her drive to Albuquerque.She has not yet revealed any information regarding her parents or siblings.  Kelly has kept her personal life away from public so it is not clear if she is married or single. When she visited her parents she had some company of her two pets a black cat named nox her full name autumnal equinox franson because she was adopted on the equinox, so she’s nox and is just about to turn 11 and her dog, Pogo. Her dog’s name is actually Pogonym, which is winter fog.  She already gotten a great taste of new mexico food, enjoying some lunch here during her interview

Kelly Franson KOAT Action 7 News

Kelly is a meteorologist at KOAT Action 7 News.  She joined the weather team in April 2019. From the rainy skies of Seattle to 300 plus days of sunshine a year, Kelly is excited to call the land of enchantment her new home. She Joined KOAT from Seattle and has also worked in other TV markets including Boise, Idaho and Charlotte, north Carolina. She works with Joe Diaz , Eric Green and David Romero who are also  meteorologists at the station.

Kelly Franson Photo

Even though Kelly has only been in this city for a few weeks, she has already learnt how welcoming the people of new mexico are. During an interview she said ” Yes, yes I had so many people offer already when I say I don’t know anybody they say, oh here, let me give you my information in case you need anything”. They’re also giving her plenty of information on all the things she should check out when she’s not at work. ” Yes, everyone’s been telling me to take the tram, which I haven’t done yet, which I will I feel like I should reward myself after unpacking more boxes with a tram ride.  I think that’s a good report I remember you telling me people here are so friendly. that’s the initial feeling what many of us got when we first moved here. They have been super friendly. unfortunately, i’m getting more boxes.

Kelly Franson Brain Tumor

 It was April 1, 2010 when Kelly was told she had a brain tumor.  Yes, on April Fool’s Day. She knew the doctor wasn’t joking, but she remember thinking maybe, just maybe, he had made a mistake wrong exam room, wrong patient, wrong MRI.  But then he showed her the scan.  Fast forward two years, and having once had a brain tumor is something that rarely crosses Kelly’s mind, no pun intended.

Kelly  was lucky her tumor was “the best kind of brain tumor” to have. It was found before it caused big problems.  It was in a location that made it fairly easy for a neurosurgeon to remove. She  didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy or further surgeries.   The scar from my craniotomy is almost completely hidden by her bangs, which are thankfully now her own hair, and not the clip-on piece that  she used to use to cover the part that was shaved. There is a dent in her forehead, and she can feel some of the hardware used to put her skull back together, but the headaches are now infrequent.

She no longer immediately put ice on her head when she get home from work.  Kelly no longer worry about an infection that might mean another surgery.  She go in for yearly MRIs to make sure there are no signs of regrowth, but otherwise, she is free.

Kelly Franson Salary

Kelly has not revealed her annual salary she receives from her job at KOAT Action 7 News.


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