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Kelly Vint Castro Biography

Kelly Vint Castro is an American actress, commercial print model, and personal relationship coach. She is best known for her roles in Stargate (1994), Space Jam (1996) and Stargate Origins: Catherine (2018). Kelly is the daughter of actors Alan Vint and Susan Mullen. She began her acting career at an early age and was a SAG member by time she was four years old. Although, Vint-Castro’s first formal acting job was at nine months old in a commercial.

Kelly Vint Castro
Kelly Vint Castro

Kelly Vint Castro Age

Kelly was born March 19, 1982 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. She is 37 years old as of 2019.

Kelly Vint Castro Family | Kelly Vint Castro Parents

Kelly was born in Los Angeles California, U.S.  She is the daughter of actors Alan Vint and Susan Mullen. Her parents eventually divorced. She has two sisters  Kate and Megan Vint who are, also actors. Her Father acted in such films as Panic in Needle Park and The Deadly Tower and in a variety of TV Series such as, Hawaii Five-0, Bonanza, and Baretta. Her was a successful commercial actress who took Vint-Castro on auditions which landed her roles in advertising commercials and acting opportunities.  Her father had a long-running disease which was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis many years before his death. Ultimately his major organs failed as a result of this disease, and he died in Sherman Oaks, California, in 2006. Kelly is the niece of actor Jesse Vint. She attended Grant High School in Van Nuys, CA.

Kelly Vint Castro Husband

Kelly is married to Rudy Castro. The couple has three children. Together with her husband they, created “Conscious Partnership Coaching,” in Los Angeles, California. The two work with couples on a variety of topics pertaining to healthy relationships, hosting events internationally. The couple write a regular monthly column titled, “Matters of the Heart,” in the non-profit addiction recovery publication, Keys To Recovery.

Being married couple Kelly and her husband Rudy are committed to transformation and healing in themselves and for others. The are professionally trained, and have dedicated their lives to serving others. They coach individuals as well as couples, and facilitate workshops in group settings. Together they have served many people, as well as families move from surviving relationships into thriving relationships.

Kelly Vint Castro Stargate

Kelly’s first major acting role in a film was in Stargate at eleven years old, playing the role of young Catherine Langford in the opening of the feature film in 1994, in which Catherine visits the Giza Plateau with her father in 1928.

Kelly and Stargate Origins director, Mercedes Bryce Morgan, met while they were both working on another project in 2017. After the new Stargate series was announced at San Diego Comic-Con in July, 2017, Mercedes asked Kelly to make a cameo appearance an older Catherine Langford. Vint-Castro plays a woman working at a secret warehouse facility where the Stargate is being kept during Stargate Origins. She shares the screen with Origin’s leads, Ellie Gall and Connor Trinneer, Professor Langford (Vint-Castro plays an older Catherine).

Kelly Vint Castro Thunder Alley

Kelly appeared on ABC’s sitcom, Thunder Alley, playing Claudine Turner, the precocious granddaughter of Gil Jones, played by Edward Asner. It was aired for 2 seasons in 1994-1995.

Kelly Vint Castro Reversal

Kelly is credited under the name Kelly Boone (Boone is her middle name) in the film Reversal (film).  She portrays the secret girlfriend of high school wrestler Leo Leone played by Danny Mousetis. The 2001 independent family feature is directed by Alan Vint, (her Father) and written by actor Jimi Petulla, who based the script on his own experiences as a high school wrestler. Reversal (film) is the only film that Kelly and her Father Alan ever worked on together.

Kelly Vint Castro Model

Kelly works in the commercial print industry as an actress and model. Her first commercial work started when she was nine months old and throughout her childhood she appeared in national commercials such as McDonald’s., Kelly  has appeared in national television commercials and print advertising with her husband, Rudy Castro, and their three children since 2016.

Kelly Vint Castro Bellyfruit

Kelly appeared on Bellyfruit as Christina. The film about teen pregnancy directed and co-written by Kerri Green. It is the first feature film released by The Asylum. The film is an adaptation of an original stage play of the same title which premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on March 16, 1996. The play is a pinnacle of written works and theatrical performances developed from the stories of the women from Ramona High School and the Pacoima Young Mothers writing program. Playing the roles of the teen mothers in the original stage production of Bellyfruit were actresses Bonnie Dickensen, Tanya Wright, Judy Herrera, and Patrice Pitman Quinn. The stage play was produced by Independent Women Artists and performed as a benefit for Gramercy Group Homes in Los Angeles. It was also directed by Kerri Green, and was written by Green, Maria Bernhard, Susannah Blinkoff, and Janet Borrus.

Kelly Vint Castro Space Jam

Kelly appeared on Space Jam as Little League Girl. This is a live-action/animated sports comedy film directed by Joe Pytka. The film Stars basketball player Michael Jordan.  It depicts a fictionalized account of what happened between Jordan’s initial retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his comeback in 1995, in which he is enlisted by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester Cat, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Foghorn Leghorn, Speedy Gonzales, Pepe le Pew Skunk, Yosemite Sam, Taz Devil, Barnyard Dawg, Beaky Buzzard, Sniffles Mouse and the rest of the Looney Tunes to help them win a basketball match against a group of aliens who want to enslave them for their amusement park.

Kelly Vint Castro Movies

2018 –  Fruit Fly (Short) as  Bethany
2018 –  Black Crow White Lie (Short) as  Friend
2016  – Paris Window as  Space Girl
2016 –  Dust (Short) as Becky
2015 –  Head Space (Short)  asMom
2001  – Reversal (film)  as Shaw
1999 – Bellyfruit as  Christina
1996  – Space Jam as Little League Girl (As Kelly Vint)
1994 –  Stargate  as Young Catherine Langford

Kelly Vint Castro Tv Shows

2018 –  Stargate Origins (TV Series Short) as American Agent Catherine Langford
2016-2017 –  Hillbrook Gardens (TV Series) as Denise
2016 –  White Supremacy: Going Under (TV Movie Documentary)  as Dave’s Wife
2000 –  Chicken Soup for the Soul (TV Series) as Friend
1996  – Bless This House (TV Series) Lucy
1994-1995 –  Thunder Alley (TV Series) as Claudine Turner
1994 –  TGIF (TV Series)  as Claudine

Kelly Vint Castro Net Worth

Being an actress Kelly has earned a huge amount which may have accumulated her a large sum. She has an estimated net worth of $14 Million.

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