Lakiha Spicer Biography, Age, Parents, Mike Tyson, Sentenced And Net Worth

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Lakiha Spicer Biography

Lakiha Spicer, famously known by the name Kiki Tyson, is an American socialite and is married to the former professional boxer Mike Tyson as the third wife. Her life has seen its share of legal challenges, with Lakiha facing house arrest and four years of probation during a corruption case involving her family members back in 2004. In 2008, she also served a six-month prison sentence, all while carrying her first child with Mike Tyson.

Lakiha Spicer
Lakiha Spicer

Notably, her husband, Mike Tyson, faced his own legal troubles and personal struggles. He served a prison sentence for rape and grappled with drug addiction after retiring from boxing. In his journey to recovery, Tyson attributes his resurgence to the unwavering support of his wife, Lakiha. Together, Lakiha and Mike co-authored the one-man show titled ‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,’ which was directed by Spike Lee. This remarkable show made its debut on Broadway in August 2012, offering an in-depth exploration of the boxer’s life story. It stands as a testament to their collaboration and resilience in the face of challenges.

Lakiha Spicer Birthday |Lakiha Spicer Age

Lakiha was born in 1977 in Philadelphia. She is 46 years old as of 2023.

Lakiha Spicer Family | Lakiha Spicer Parents

Lakiha was born in Philadelphia.  She is the daughter of Shamsud-din Ali and Faridah Ali. Lakiha’s father, was formerly known as Clarence Fowler. He was convicted of murder in the 1970s and he later established himself as the leader of the Philadelphia Masjid and became an influential Muslim cleric in West Philadelphia.  She has a brother named Azheem Spicer who is three years’ older than her.

Lakiha Spicer Mike Tyson | Lakiha Kiki Spicer Tyson

Lakiha is married to Mike Tyson a former professional boxer. Her father, who knew promoter Don King, often took her to boxing events, where she met Mike Tyson for the first time at the age of 18. Reportedly, Tyson had been warned by  King  to keep distance from Lakiha as they were “not the people to mess with”. However, Lakiha was immediately attracted towards him. She was also not affected by the fact that Tyson was convicted of rape and went on to serve three years in prison soon after they first met.

When Lakiha was 23 years old her and Tyson began dating casually in New York, where she was staying at the time. However, it was an on-and-off relationship with no commitment on Tyson’s part. Their relationship took a serious turn in 2008 when, one week before entering federal prison to serve a six-month sentence for money fraud and conspiracy, Lakiha  Spencer found out that she was pregnant with his child. After she was released from jail, she gave birth to a daughter named Milan in December 2008 and she contacted Tyson, who was then battling drug addiction. The couple, soon came back together. Even though the two could not live together in Las Vegas as both were convicted felons, they frequently visited each other, except for when he would go on a three-day drug binge, leaving her to fear for the worst.

However, Tyson decided to change his ways and be  committed to her wife following which they got married in a private ceremony at the La Bella Wedding Chapel inside the Las Vegas Hilton on June 9, 2009. It was her first marriage, while Mike  had been married twice before; to Robin Givens and Monica Turner. He later mentioned in an interview that getting involved with her was “truly a life-saving experience”. The couple later welcomed a son named Morocco Elijah Tyson on January 25, 2011.

Lakiha Spicer Brad Pitt

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson claimed in 2012 he once walked in on Brad Pitt having sex with his then-wife Robin Givens.

The sturdily built former boxer dropped his bombshell during an appearance on the In Depth With Graham Bensinger show on Yahoo! Sports.

He said: “I was doing a divorce but I – we – every day, before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to… her house to have sex with her. This particular day someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than i did.”

Lakiha Spicer Sentenced

Lakiha Spicer served six months in 2008 in a federal penitentiary after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy over receiving $71,000 for a no-show teaching job from the Sister Clara Muhammad School (47th & Wyalusing). Her mother Faridah Ali served more than a year in prison for being one of two masterminds behind a scam that misdirected $274,000 in public funds from a program to educate adults in reading and math at the Islamic school in West Philly.

Lakiha Spicer Nationality

Lakiha Spicer was born in somewhere in Philadelphia, United States of America. She is an American and belongs to an African-American Muslim family which was settled in Philadelphia a long way back.

Lakiha Spicer Net Worth

Lakiha net worth is under review but her husband net worth is well known. Mike Tyson who is a former famous boxer has an estimated net worth is $700 million.

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