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Laura Lee Biography (Youtuber)

Laura Lee is an American make-up artist, YouTuber, and blogger. She began her career with posting beauty tips on social media.  Laura has also released a line of branded makeup.

Laura Lee Age

Laura was born on September 1, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is 30 years old as of 2018.

Laura Lee Biography

Laura was born in Alabama.  There is no information about her parents but she has an older brother and sister.   She once stated in an interview that when she was a kid, her mom always bought her the cheap teenybopper magazines at the grocery store and she was obsessed with looking at the pictures. Before she began her YouTube channel, Lee worked as a medical assistant for a dermatologist in Alabama.  Laura has also worked as a preschool teacher.

Laura Lee Husband

Laura  is married to Tyler Williams an industrial engineer. The two dated for sometime before they got married.  They got engaged in 2012. After three years of their engagement, they tied the knot in 2015.  Laura currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband.

Laura Lee Makeup | Laura Lee Cosmetics | Laura Lee Palette | Laura Lee Jewellery

In 2016 Laura  collaborated with make-up brand Too Faced.  In June 2016 she also collaborated on an eye shadow palette with Violet Voss. She helped create her own lipstick shade with MAC Cosmetics in April 2017.  Later that year, Laura collaborated with Benefit Cosmetics on their Benefit Island Collection, representing the Precisely Brow Pencil.

She appeared on Today to promote her future make-up brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles in September 2017. She released her first eye shadow palette, “Cat’s Pajamas”, from her brand in October 2017 . Further in April 2018, Laura released her second eye shadow palette, “Nudie Patootie” along with three liquid lipsticks and an eyeliner.

Laura Lee Cosmetics

Laura Lee Youtube

Laura first began posting images of her make-up looks on Instagram.  She began her YouTube channel in 2013, posting make-up tutorials, hacks, and product reviews.  She was named StarCentral Magazine’s “Beauty Guru of the Month” in October 2014.

Tweets dating from 2012 were found in August 2018, in which she made racist comments that Lee herself described as “vile and disgusting”.  Laura released a video that did not address the situation and  she posted a four-minute apology video, which was criticized for being insincere and Lee’s apparent “fake crying”.  Many of her fans also criticized her for her tweets and the apology, and in a one-week span she lost over 300,000 subscribers. Businesses and sponsorships decided to sever ties with Laura as a result of her racist comments, including Ulta Beauty, Diff Eyewear, and Boxycharm.

Laura Lee Hot

laura lee Photo

Laura Lee Instagram

Laura Lee Interview

Laura talks about failed makeup trends, what makes her feel confident, and how being an influencer is a 24/7 job

Hello Giggles: What inspired you to start a beauty YouTube channel?

Laura Lee: At the time, I was living in Alabama as a medical assistant and I had always watched a lot of the girls that were starting up on YouTube. I was watching Kandee Johnson and Nicole Guerriero — there weren’t that many beauty channels at the time — and I had always had a really, really big passion for beauty. Being a medical assistant, I wasn’t even really allowed to wear that much makeup to work, so after, I would come home and do my makeup every day and post it to Instagram. It was just kind of like a creative outlet for me, and then I just went over to YouTube.

HG: What is it like being in the same circle as the YouTubers you watched in the beginning when you were inspired to start your channel?

Laura Lee: You know it’s actually really, really weird just because I never ever in a million years thought that we would be in the same circle together. Of course, I’m the type of person to let them know, “Omg, I watched your videos for so long. I love you so much.” But it is also really great because the people that I watched for so long are just as sweet as they are on the Internet. So, it’s truly inspiring and it’s surreal, honestly.

HG: What is the most challenging thing about being a beauty YouTuber?

Laura Lee: Well, the most challenging thing in 2016 would be that YouTube is very saturated. There are over 70,000 beauty channels now and it’s hard to come up with fresh content because everything has already been done once. But I feel like if you put your own spin on everything and your own personality, then it will shine through.

HG: What do most people not know about you and your job as an influencer?

Laura Lee: It is an incredible amount of work. We stay up till 4:00 in the morning working. We take three hours to film a video and eight hours to edit it. I’m posting three videos a week and then I’m trying to run a vlog and Instagram. You know, get professional pictures for that, and then there’s a lot of business on the back side of it. So I do have my husband helping me do that because I physically, absolutely could not do it by myself. This is not a 9 to 5. This is a 24/7 type of job.

HG: It’s interesting that you say that because I feel like a lot of people just think that YouTubers are playing with makeup, but whole lot of work goes into it that people don’t see.

Laura Lee: Yes, exactly! It’s so crazy because I started my channel, like literally just playing with beauty, and it turned into this whole thing and it’s challenging sometimes. At the end of the day, I started my channel because I wanted a connection with people.

I wanted a creative outlet, and then it turned into me being a businesswoman and an editor and an Instagram — I definitely don’t want to call myself a model — Instagram fashionista and you know a role model. It just turned into all these jobs and I’m like, “Whoa, what just happened?” I just want to play with eyeshadow.

HG: Speaking of eyeshadow, what was it like creating your own palette with Violet Voss?

LL: That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. That was the day I officially learned that you can never please everybody. I was like, “I’m gonna make a perfect palette and not one person is gonna hate it! Everybody in the whole wide world will love it forever.”

I had to pick or create colors that represent me and the colors that I use, and they have to make sense in the palette. They can’t just have these random colors all over the place. But then, they have to make everybody happy. They have to be matte and you have to have shimmers and it has to pop. So it’s actually a very, very difficult thing to do. The palette was such a success, though. I would say everybody was pretty happy with it and we sold out!

HG: What beauty product can you not live without?

LL: My MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in soft ochre ($23). It is kind of like an all-in-one. It’s an eye primer, but it has a lot of coverage. If you have red eyes or if your vein shows through on your eyelids like mine, it covers all that and it is the best eye primer I’ve ever used in my life. I’ve been using it for around eight to nine years now. I literally have been using it since high school and I want to use something else, but I always goes back to that!

HG: What makes you feel the most confident?

LL: I would like to say makeup makes me feel the most confident, but it’s definitely not makeup. I feel the most confident whenever I am able to be myself 100 percent. It’s hard to do that actually, you know, because I’m such a quirky, weird person and it’s so easy to try to be normal and act like everybody else. Whenever I’m not being myself, it actually makes me feel really unconfident.

HG: What would advice would you tell your 14-year-old self?

LL: Everybody has something special about them and I think we’re also different, but I feel like in society they try to tell us to be like everybody else, and be normal, and don’t be loud, don’t be too silly. Be really pretty. And that’s not everybody. It definitely was not me.

So, I would just tell myself, “Laura, be the weirdest version of you, you can be. Be you 100 percent, all the time.” I think I would have gotten — I think I’m pretty far in life — but, I think a lot of great things would’ve happened for me.

HG: That’s so true! I wish YouTube was big when I was in middle school. It’s just nice to see people online share their quirks and beauty tips! God knows I did not know how to straighten my hair back then!

LL: Oh my gosh. At 14, I was really into straightening my hair. I would pluck my eyebrows super thin, but that was the thing at the time. I was all about the trends, like you. If I had YouTube back then, my whole world would’ve exploded.

HG: Who are your style icons?

LL: Kendall Jenner, I mean the girl is a fashionista. I really like the way the new Ariana Grande is dressing. She’s not so much as pink and skirts anymore. It’s more like ripped jeans, a grungy t-shirt, and heels.

HG: What has been the weirdest makeup trend you’ve followed and what trends are you super excited about now?

LL: I can tell you I tried really hard to follow non-touring, where you highlight under your cheek bones instead of adding bronzer to your cheekbones to contour. I tried it for a while and it doesn’t work. It was a little silly to me. Honestly, it was a little gimmicky, too. Just contour your face if you want to contour.

I’ve seen a lot on Instagram that girls are wearing their glasses, but they have no lenses in them. It’s hard to describe them, they’re kind of like aviator’s, but without the lens. So, I actually ordered a pair to see if I could pull it off. I don’t know if I can. You might see them on Instagram soon.

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