Common Injuries That Occur At The Gym

Over the past few years, the number of people joining the gym has increased drastically. According to the IHRSA global report 2017, in terms of revenue, the fitness industry grows 2.6% globally. This industry grew nearly 200,000 clubs at the global level with 162 million members. With this growing number of gym memberships, unfortunately, there are many cases of personal injury at the gym. The gym is the place where people go to stay fit and improve their physical condition. While the gyms are supposed to take care and responsibility of every member, and the visitors are expected to stay vigilant and safe against any accident or injury among heavy workout machines. Regardless of your fitness goals, getting injured is something none would want to experience. So, before you hit the gym, you must know about a few common injuries that most people experience. The two causes of these injuries at the gym are poor posture you keep during the day, and trying to work out too much and too fast! Make sure you have a good personal trainer who can help you prevent the following injuries: 1. Foot Injuries: Price, a famous personal trainer at BioMechanics in San Diego, says that a major of foot and ankle injuries is sitting all day with rounded shoulders. Yes, it may sound surprising but this is how it works as he explains: when you spend the entire day with rounded shoulder, and then stand up your body weight falls to the front of your foot. The misplaced center of gravity tip you forward in running shoes when your heel becomes higher than the toe which puts pressure on feet and ankles. The best way is to find a shoe with not too high heel such as walking shoe or tennis shoe. 2. Knee Injuries: While the hip muscles don’t experience the movement during the whole day, the knee bears all the pressure. With unstable feet because of improper shoes and weak hip muscle, the body puts pressure on the knees. In order to prevent the pressure on your knees and subsequent injuries, lunges and squats are the right exercises to train, strengthen and stabilize your hip and ankles. 3. Lower Back Injuries: Another very common type of injury that beginners at the gym complain about is lower back injuries. When you keep your upper back rounded the entire day, and later try to do overhead shoulder lift standing at the gym, the upper back becomes unable to extend properly. When you try to straighten your body and arch upward from the lower back, it receives all the stress causing nervous breakdown which results in soreness or even permanent damage. To prevent your lower back from receiving all the pressure and stress, keep stretching and strengthening your lower back. Also, try wall squats or sitting against a wall. 4. Shoulder Injuries: When you work on the computer, your arms rotate internally putting pressure on your shoulders. Later, when you go to the gym and perform a shoulder press, chest press, or pushups, rotating your arms in, it causes Supraspinatus tendonitis which refers to the injury of the rotator cuff. So, it is very important to rotate arms externally in order to balance shoulders with the help of rowing with cables. 5. Neck Injury: The above mentioned four areas of your body get out of the whack, they cause misalignment in your neck. With the rounded shoulders, your neck becomes arch-shaped which causes pain. This poor posture still remains with you in the gym during exercises such as bench press, and here you face the real trouble. So, make sure your lower back and neck are properly supported and avoid putting additional strain on your neck. These are common injuries that beginners often complain about without realizing their entire day’s activities and posture that leads to these injuries.