Disability Insurance Or Supplemental Security Income, Which One Should You Apply?

Social Security is the benefits scheme created by the system through social security act and subsequent related laws, to ensure that the minimum basic needs of those citizens who are covered under the social security net are fulfilled. Elderly and Disabled workers who have contributed to the social security fund through taxes and elderly, blind or disabled with low income are covered under the Social Security umbrella. Who Are Eligible for Disability Benefits? These benefits can be retrieved in the following three ways viz. Post-retirement security benefits, social security disability benefits, and supplemental security benefits. Post-retirement benefits are for citizens who have contributed to the fund and have acquired a minimum of 40 credits. If these basic conditions are met, they can apply for social security when they turn 62. Once their claims are approved, they will be given benefit checks for the sum calculated as per the standard formula of SSA. To know more regarding the benefits calculation procedure, you can visit the nearest social security office reading PA. Disability benefits are provided to individuals who as per the law have been employed in the jobs covered by a program and have been contributing to the towards the fund in form of deductions from wages, salaries etc. It is stated under the social security law that Person is considered for social security disability program when they are “unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months.” There are other parameters’ too; that an individual is required to fulfil to be eligible to get disability benefit, to know the detailed norms you can contact a representative at social security Philadelphia. SSI Program is run by SSA same as other programs mentioned above, however, these are not funded by social security taxes, but are rather financed by general taxes paid by citizens to govt. This is a social welfare scheme for elderly, blind or disabled with low income, eligibility criteria for which is defined from time to time by social security administration. Which one are you eligible for? If you are still unsure under which category you fall under or have understood but would like to know the norms and asses your eligibility, then you should search for ‘social security near me’ which might guide you to the nearest branch of the social security office. Common injuries and conditions, uncommon injuries and conditions, physical conditions, diseases, mental health issues – the truth is that almost any serious condition or illness has the potential to be disabling. Unfortunately, the fact that you are actually disabled won’t matter much unless you can convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you cannot work. You can also ring private experts at the Law Offices of Chermol& Fishman, LLC for a free consultation. We are providing end to end legal consultation to Philadelphians since years. So, if you are concerned about SSD/ SSI benefits, contact us today!