Mike Bayer Biography, Age, Parents, Wife, Lovato, CAST And Net Worth

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Mike Bayer Biography

Mike Bayer also known as Coach Mike is an American life development coach.  His mission is to help people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves. 

Mike Bayer
Mike Bayer

Mike guides his clients with a blend of exploration and problem-solving strategies, thereby challenging and encouraging them to attain the healthy lives they desire. For more than ten years since founding the CAST Centers, an exemplary addiction and mental health treatment facility, Mike has used this approach to help clients recover and prosper. He is the New York Times bestselling author of BEST SELF: BE YOU, ONLY BETTER (Dey Street Books).

Mike Bayer Age

Mike was born in September 19 1979 in Los Angeles California, USA.  He is 39 years old as of 2018.

Mike Bayer Height And Weight

Mike stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches approx and weight a body weight of around 85 kilograms.

Mike Bayer Family | Mike Bayer Parents

Mike was born in Los Angeles California.  Mike has not revealed much information regarding his parents. However, in his Instagram posts he reveals a family-goals picture. Their warm bonding could be felt clearly in those pictures and lovely captions he posts on his Instagram account.  Mike expressed his love and respect to his dad wishing a Father’s Day. Meanwhile, on Mother’s Day, he flew to Portland to surprise his mother. In the family, he has an elder sibling brother David Bayer and brother’s to-be-wife, Carol.

Mike Bayer  Education

Mike’s education certificate includes his B.S degree in Alcohol and Drug Counseling as a Board Registered Interventionist from Metropolitan State University.

Mike Bayer Wife

Mike is assumed to be single at present. Neither he has ever mentioned about his ladylove who matches the quality of his future wife nor has he made an appearance with his possible partner in the public. Since he is not spotted with any girls for long, he probably might not be married yet and has no children.

Mike Bayer Demi Lovato

Mike rose to fame after he worked with Demi Lavota’s. He and Demi first met in 2010 when Demi was only the age of 17.  Long after their first meet, Mike began working for her since 2016 when Demi was severely attacked by the bad mushroom trip. In an interview, he said he was recommended to Demi by her Therapists and close friend.  Before Demi’s illness, they were a partner in Mark’s founded CAST Foundation in 2010, but at present, their tangled relationship led Demi to get off from its website. Mike was Demi Lovato’s sober coach. Demi fired him after accusing him of betraying her. TMZ reported that in early July 2018, Lovato fired Mike due to a “big falling out” the pair had.

Mike and Lovato had problems. On the same day that Mike posted an Instagram blog about his annoyance with celebrities. Afterward, Lovato tweeted, “Good luck on your blog.” Bayer did not mention Lovato by name in his video. The live coach said in part, “I worked in entertainment for many years being a life coach for a lot of different pop starts and actors, and my biggest pet peeve is when they use excuses because they call themselves ‘artists’. I’m here today to explain to you that being an artist and being talented are two different things. To me being an artist is living your authentic life. I believe everyone out there is an artist.”

Mike Bayer CAST

Mike, is founder and CEO of CAST Centers, the go-to clinic for artists, athletes, executives, and anyone who wants to live more authentically, successfully, and joyfully. Bayer is a Life Coach whose mission is to help people achieve their goals to become their best selves. He is the New York Times bestselling author of BEST SELF: BE YOU, ONLY BETTER (Dey Street Books). Mike is also the creator of the CAST Foundation, which raises awareness to promote cultural and social changes that destigmatize mental health issues. In addition, Mike is a member of Dr. Phil McGraw’s advisory board and makes frequent appearances on the Dr. Phil Show as Coach Mike.

Mike known as Coach Mike, has helped everyone from pop stars to business executives to people just like you discover the freedom to be their best selves.  He achieves this by asking them and leading them to ask themselves a series of important but tough questions such as “What are your core values?”  “Do you go to bed each day more knowledgeable than when you woke up?” and “Am I neglecting some aspect of my physical health out of fear or denial?” By doing so he helps them see what their Best Selves and Anti-Selves really look like. As a mental health specialist, a personal development coach, and an all-around change agent, Mike has seen the amazing ways in which lives can improve with honesty and clarity.  He understands our struggles intimately because he’s faced and overcame his own. And he knows that change is possible.

Mike Bayer Book

Mike is a successful author. His book BE SHELF: BE YOU, ONLY MATTER has been the best selling book in The New York Times. This book is working through each of the Seven SPHERES of life—Social, Personal, Health, Education, Relationships, Employment and Spiritual Development. Best Self is an accessible and interactive book that distills all of Coach Mike’s wisdom into a compact, focused guide that will ignite anyone’s desire for change. Chock full of revealing quizzes, and full of provocative questionnaires. It will empower you to embrace your authenticity, acknowledge what is holding you back, and break through to live a passionate life to the fullest, forever.

Mike Bayer Dr Phil

Mike is a member of Dr. Phil McGraw’s advisory board and makes frequent appearances on the Dr. Phil Show as Coach Mike. On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil in April 2019, Coach Mike, the New York Times best-selling author of Best Self: Be You, Only Better, asks Dr. Phil to draw and identify his best self and his anti-self. As described in the book, your best self is the positive attributes and qualities that make up the core of who you are, and your anti-self is the inner critic that focuses on negative qualities and gets in the way of being your best self.

Mike Bayer Net Worth

With his flourishing career, Mike is assuredly earning the fruitful amount of net worth. As being a sober coach, he probably might receive the average salary of about $34,000 per annum or more than that as he was also Demi Lavota’s sober coach. He has not revealed his estimated net worth.

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