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Olivia Culpo Biography

Olivia Culpo is an American model, actress and beauty queen.  She won the Miss Universe 2012 pageant, representing her home country of the United States. Olivia  previously won the Miss Rhode Island USA competition, which was the first pageant she entered. She went on to be crowned Miss USA, then Miss Universe. She is the first winner from the United States to be named Miss Universe since Brook Lee in 1997.

Olivia Culpo Age

Olivia was born on May 8, 1992 in Cranston, Rhode Island. She is 27 years old as of 2019.

Olivia Culpo Height And Weight | Olivia Culpo Measurements

Olivia  Body Measurements are  Height: 5′ 7″ (1.70 m) and Weight  52 kg (115 pounds).

Olivia Culpo Family | Olivia Culpo Parents

Olivia was born in Cranston, Rhode Island.  She is one of five children of Peter and Susan Culpo. Olivia has two older siblings, Pete and Aurora, and two younger, Gus and Sophie. Their restaurateur father co-owns Boston businesses including Parish Café and The Lower Depths Tap Room.  She was brought up in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston, Rhode Island.  Olivia  is of Italian descent with some Irish ancestry from her mother’s side.

Nick Jonas And Olivia Culpo

Back in 2014, Nick Jonas  was making waves as a solo artist and performing at the Miss Universe pageant.
While the top 10 finalists where being announced Nick sang his hits ‘Chains’, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Jealous’.

In the closing song, Jonas stepped off the stage and made his way to his then  girlfriend, former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. He knelt in front of Culpo, who was sitting in the first row, and took her hand whilst as he sang.

Jonas told the Sun at the time that her shocked expression was all due to what she *thought* was happening, ‘I went down and sang to her and I go on a knee and approached her. Her face was in full panic, she thought I was going to propose on national TV in front of one billion people.’

Olivia Culpo Photo

Olivia Culpo Height

Olivia stands at a height of 1.7m.

Olivia Culpo Miss Universe

Olivia represented the United States at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant that was held on December 19, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Oliva became the winner in the competition and was crowned Miss Universe 2012. She became the eighth representative from the United States to win the title and the first since 1997. She also became the first Rhode Islander to win the Miss Universe title. Olivia succeeded outgoing titleholder Leila Lopes from Angola.

Olivia visited Indonesia for three weeks in January 2013,  and helped crown the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2013 on February 1 in Jakarta. During her visit she also visited Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Bali.  In Jakarta, she hosted a discussion with young Indonesians for the United Nations Population Fund on HIV and youth prevention at the United States Embassy’s cultural center @America.

Cranston’s city council approved a resolution on August 25, 2013, adding Culpo’s name to Albert Avenue, which runs the length between Broad Street and Narragansett Boulevard in Edgewood.

Olivia walked in the Sherri Hill fashion show held at the Trump Tower in New York City on September 10, 2013.   She was in India from September 27 until October 6. During her visit, she reportedly ran into trouble after doing a commercial photoshoot at the Taj Mahal. She crowned Gabriela Isler of Venezuela as her successor on November 9, 2013 .

During her reign, she traveled to Indonesia, Russia, Ecuador, Morocco, The Bahamas, Canada, England, India, and numerous trips around the United States.

Olivia Culpo And Danny Amendola | Olivia Culpo Boyfriend | Olivia Culpo Dating

Just days after photos emerged  Miami Dolphins wide receiver on the beach with CBS reporter Bianca Peters in Miami, a source has confirmed he and Culpo are caput.

According to the insider, Olivia broke it off with Danny and they are split. Per the source, the  former Miss Universe is really upset about the situation and still extremely embarrassed. Danny has been constantly trying to explain that it was a misunderstanding, the source said, but Olivia has expressed that she has lost all trust.

The insider explained Olivia is trying to brush the situation under the rug and will most likely act like nothing happened. To sum it up, the source said she wants things to fizzle out quietly, but they are definitely broken up.

As for Peters and Amendola, a source previously explained to E! News that they “met just a few nights before they were spotted on the beach. They said that they were at a house party and then were both part of a group that decided to go to the beach over the weekend.”

The source added, “Danny was new to Miami and Bianca had no idea he had a girlfriend. She was a CBS journalist who is just starting her own media company…Now that she understands the situation, she has no plans to see him again. She does not want to be dragged into this.”

The two  first went public with their romance back in 2016 and briefly broke up earlier this year. However, they reunited by the summer.

“Olivia and Danny are exclusively back together and are in a great place since splitting,” an insider told E! News in July. “They really needed space and to figure things out, but their paths led them to reconnect again and they’re really happy.”

Olivia Culpo Snapchat

Olivia Culpo snapchat

Olivia Culpo The Other Woman

This is a comedy film directed by Nick Cassavetes and written by Melissa Stack. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Kinney appear in supporting roles. The film follows three women—Carly (Diaz), Kate (Mann), and Amber (Upton)—who are all romantically involved with the same man, Mark (Coster-Waldau). After finding out about each other, the trio take revenge on Mark.

Olivia Culpo Diet

Olivia go  for small, healthy meals every two or three hours. Healthy snacks. She does not like the usual processed snacks on hand, and instead eats almonds, steamed veggie, pineapple and banana.

Olivia Culpo Skin Care

5 tips of skin care

  • Water: “I don’t do too much in the morning. I actually don’t even wash my face, just rinse it with water.”
  • “The first thing I do when I get up is use Kate Somerville’s under-eye de-puff stick.”
  • “Then, I will put on La Mer eye cream. I think it’s really important to invest in areas where skin is delicate.”
  • Revision Skincare Intellishade Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 45 (mixed with Dior Hydraction Deep Hydration Skin Tint, now discontinued): “I use about a dime-size amount of each. I love the colour and coverage when I mix the two. Plus, they have both have SPF, which is great to protect your skin throughout the day.”
  • “I love Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer. It’s very hydrating and sheer, which I like for minimal coverage. I really try to be diligent about keeping my face out of the sun, or at least try to be diligent about wearing SPF. Even after one day in the sun, I’ll notice more freckles on my skin.”
  • “If I’m feeling a bit dull in the morning, I’ll add a couple of drops of Clarins Glow Booster to my moisturizer.”
  •  “I’ll use La Mer’s beauty hydrating spray. That’s pretty much it.”

Olivia Culpo Workout

  1. Portion control. Olivia opts for small, healthy meals every two or three hours.
  2. Healthy snacks. She resists the usual processed snacks on hand, and instead eats almonds, steamed veggie, pineapple and banana. Roasted sweet potato with a dollop of Greek yoghurt is also a favourite.
  3. Water only. The beauty steers clear of ‘liquid calories’, preferring water to processed juices and fizzy drinks.
  4. Regular training. Olivia rarely skips a workout, and sticks to a timetable of resistance training cardio, each done three times a week.
  5. Fun fitness. While she does run often, Zumba is her cardio of choice as it lets some fun into fitness time.

Olivia Culpo Restaurant

Olivia and Danny’s kissing reportedly led to complaints from fellow diners at a restaurant in Rhode Island. Culpo who previously dated Nick Jonas was happy to display her affection for her NFL star beau in a very public way. However, their intense smooching prompted the diners who sat on the table next to them to complain to the management.

An eyewitness told the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column that the loved-up couple were ‘having a hot make-out session’ as they sat with pals at Scarpetta at Gurney’s restaurant.

Olivia Culpo Golden Globes

.”Her dress that night, which was Zuhair Murad, was black with a ton of intricate and colorful details, making it almost look Spanish.  The once who were preparing her wanted to do something interesting by playing off the textures and colors of the dress, and Olivia came up with the idea of doing a braid that’s peeking out on the sides.” The result? A low, oversized, braided chignon that was just as major as her bejeweled ball gown. “I wouldn’t have thought about it myself and it ended up looking really cool,” added Marjan.

Olivia Culpo dress

Olivia Culpo Twitter

Olivia Culpo Instagram


Olivia Culpo Interview

GQ: So how long have you been in pageants?

Olivia Culpo: Miss Rhode Island was my first and I wore a $20 dress that I rented with a hole in the back. It still looked cute, but nobody would have known that I rented it for twenty dollars.

GQ: What made you want to get into pageants?

Olivia Culpo: It was the beginning of my sophomore year when I won [Miss Rhode Island]. I went to Boston and joined a modeling agency, talent agency, and started acting and modeling. I had grown up playing the cello, so I was always on stage and always comfortable.

GQ: With shows that show the dark side of pageantry like Toddlers Tiaras—and the overall stigma of pageant girls—were you weary of getting into them?

Olivia Culpo: I think the pageant system is about empowering women. I think that aspect of it is great, but when you take parents who are forcing their children to do anything, I don’t think it’s healthy. That aspect of Toddlers Tiaras I don’t think is helpful, but in terms of the pageant system as a whole, I really do think it does empower women.

GQ: What do you make of the situation with Miss Pennsylvania resigning and Donald Trump threating to sue her? Does it hurt the pageant system?

Olivia Culpo: Well it’s funny because her initial resignation was based off of her disagreement with the transgender policy of Miss Universe organization. As you probably already know, Miss Universe organization now accepts the transgender people. So it’s kind of strange that that was her initial resignation and now all of a sudden she’s trying to say that she saw a list of five… [before the top five were announced]. To be honest with you, I’m upset with her that she is resigning because she is missing out on a great opportunity as Miss Pennsylvania USA. She definitely is just being a poor sport, because I don’t think that you can flip your answer like a switch. Like why are you resigning, is it because of that or because you saw the top five?

GQ: Do you believe there is any truth to her accusation?

Olivia Culpo: No, it’s not, and if you’ve been following what Donald Trump has been saying, it’s really carefully calculated. And there’s a preliminary show and interview with a panel of judges. There’s the final night which is already just with the top 15, and it’s a new set of judges, and they’re celebrity judges who don’t have anything to do with the pageant. It’s a silly thing. It’s a silly thing that she said that and it’s just not true.
GQ: Let’s talk about something a little more lighthearted, like men’s style. What’s your biggest turnoff?

Olivia Culpo: Okay this is a big one, but guys who wear sneakers to the beach. Not like boat shoes, those are okay. I mean if you’re going to be on a boat you can wear boat shoes. I also don’t like when guys wear like bathing suits to go to eat or stuff like that.
GQ: Who do you think is the most stylish celebrity?

Olivia Culpo: Ryan Gosling’s like my crush but I don’t really pay attention to his personal style.

GQ: Who is someone who needs to step it up a bit?

Olivia Culpo: I want to say Brad Pitt because I keep thinking about his beard. Oh, Jack Black! He needs to step it up.

GQ: How should he step his game up?

Olivia Culpo: Well I love preppy-style; I like J. Crew for guys. Maybe he should wear a slight v-neck shirt. I think that can be cute. But not too much because we don’t want to get all “disco.”

GQ: I can’t imagine Jack Black all prepped out though.

Olivia Culpo: Okay, you’re right. I’d just stay away from florals and keep it simple. He should make sure that his pants are more fitted, maybe some jeans, maybe some nice khakis. No cargo pants.

GQ: Rob Kardashian was one of the judges in your pageant. He criticized you guys for having on “too much makeup.” A lot of guys are into women wearing less make-up but he caught a lot of slack for his question. Was he wrong?

Olivia Culpo: [Pageant contestants] are done up because they want to be entertaining, it’s TV. That’s part of it. If you’re vying for the title of Miss USA, you want to be a beauty queen, so it is a lot of hair, and it is a lot of makeup. But there are different degrees and it was kind of bad to generalize the whole group. That’s a stereotypical thing to say but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

GQ: Ready for a rapid fire of “favorite” questions?

Olivia Culpo: Yes!

GQ: Who’s your favorite president of all time?

Olivia Culpo: Ronald Reagan, because of his fiscal policies.

GQ: Favorite fast food chain?

Olivia Culpo: Dunkin’ Donuts. I have to have coffee in the morning

GQ: Favorite actor?

Olivia Culpo: Tom Hanks, I love him so much. I honestly feel like when I watch him on screen that I know him.

GQ: Favorite holiday that you still have to work on?

Olivia Culpo: Halloween, absolutely Halloween.

GQ: Why?

Olivia Culpo: Because you get to dress up, you get to be fun.

GQ: What is your favorite Halloween costume?
Olivia Culpo: I’m like always a cat, so boring.

GQ: Favorite rapper?

Olivia Culpo: Nicki Minaj because she’s a girl so…props.

GQ: Are you excited about the election coming up?

Olivia Culpo: Yes, because this is my first time voting in a national election.

GQ: If Donald Trump were running, would you vote for him?

Olivia Culpo: I don’t know, I’d have to look more into his policies more, you know? I haven’t done my research yet because he isn’t running.

GQ: Do you think he’d make a good president?

Olivia Culpo: I think that he’s one of America’s best entrepreneurs of all time. So I definitely admire him for that. I’d be really curious to see his policies and look into that.

GQ: If a guy was going to ask Miss USA on a date, how should he go about it?

Olivia Culpo: No corny pickup lines, although I do eat that stuff up.

GQ: Do you? What’s the funniest pickup line you’ve heard?

Olivia Culpo: I was at one of my dad’s restaurants in Boston, just sitting there. I got this napkin that said “The Story of Us.” It was a diagram that was divided into like 50 sections—like Us At The Movies, Us Ice Skating, us doing this, us doing that. That was really cute.

GQ: So the key to Miss USA’s heart is a napkin?

Olivia Culpo: Yep, napkins, notes. Be creative.

GQ: As you begin your reign as Miss USA, what are you most nervous about?

** Olivia Culpo:** I just don’t want to make anybody upset. So, I guess, just, uh, saying the wrong thing.

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