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Patrick Wayne Biography

Patrick Wayne (Patrick John Morrison) is an American actor. He is the second son of movie star John Wayne and his first wife, Josephine Alicia Saenz. Patrick alongside his father he made over 40 films, including eleven.

Later during his career, he became a game show host with The Monte Carlo Show and later Tic-Tac-Dough

Patrick Wayne Age | How Old Is Patrick Wayne

Patrick was born on July 15, 1939 in Los Angeles. He is 80 years old as of 2019.

Patrick Wayne Family | John Wayne’s Son Patrick Wayne

Patrick was Born in Los Angeles. He is the son of John Wayne and his first wife Josephine Alicia Saenz, daughter of Panama’s Consul General to the U.S. Patrick has three siblings. His last name he adopted from his father’s stage surname, Wayne. Patrick  made eleven movies together with his father: Rio Grande (1950), The Quiet Man (1952), The Searchers (1956), The Alamo (1960), The Comancheros (1961), Donovan’s Reef (1963), McLintock! (1963), The Green Berets (1968) and Big Jake (1971).

Patrick Wayne Misha Anderson

Patrick married Misha Anderson in May 1999. Misha  is about thirty years younger than him. The two met at a wedding at the Sherwood Country Club.

Patrick, along with his siblings, in the early years of the 1980s, founded  the John Wayne Cancer Institute after losing their father to the same disease a few years ago. He was appointed the Chairman of the Institute in 2003.

patrick wayne Photo

Peggy Hunt Patrick Wayne

Patrick before he married Misha he was married to Peggy. He was supposed to marry peggy Hunt in 1964  but the wedding was cancelled at the last hour.  A year later they got married  on December 11, 1965, in Hollywood. The two had three children – two sons and a daughter- before they divorced in 1978.

Patrick Wayne Today | Is Patrick Wayne Still Alive |How Old Was Patrick Wayne When He Died

Patrick is still healthy and so much alive he currently lives in Arizona with his wife, Misha.

Patrick Wayne Movies

  • Rio Grande (1950)
  • The Quiet Man (1952)
  • The Sun Shines Bright (1953)
  • The Long Grey Line (1955)
  • Mister Roberts (1955)
  • The Conqueror (1956)
  • The Searchers (1956)
  • Teenager Idol (1958, TV Movie)
  • The Young Land (1959)
  • The Alamo (1960)
  • The Comancheros (1961)
  • Donovan’s Reef (1963)
  • McLintock! (1963)
  • Cheyenne Autumn (1964)
  • Shenandoah (1965)
  • An Eye for an Eye (1966)
  • The Green Berets (1968)
  • Sole Survivor (1970, TV Movie)
  • Swing Out, Sweet Land (1970, TV Movie)
  • The Deserter (1971)
  • The Gatling Gun (1971)
  • Big Jake (1971)
  • Movin’ On (1972, TV Movie)
  • Beyond Atlantis (1973)
  • The Bears and I (1974)
  • The New Spartans (1975)
  • Mustang Country (1976)
  • Yesterday’s Child (1977, TV Movie)
  • Flight to Holocaust (1977, TV Movie)
  • The People That Time Forgot (1977)
  • Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1977)
  • The Last Hurrah (1977, TV Movie)
  • Three on a Date (1978, TV Movie)
  • Texas Detour (1978)
  • Rustlers’ Rhapsody (1985)
  • Revenge (1986)
  • Young Guns (1988)t
  • Chill Factor (1989)
  • Her Alibi (1989)
  • Deep Cover (1997)

Actor Patrick Wayne

When Patrick was 11 years old he made his film debut in his father’s film Rio Grande. His next films were films directed by family friend and iconic director John Ford: The Quiet Man (1952), The Sun Shines Bright (1953), The Long Gray Line (1955), Mister Roberts (1955) and The Searchers (1956).

Patrick appeared as Walter on the CBS sitcom Mr. Adams and Eve from 1957 to 1958, starring Howard Duff and Ida Lupino as a fictitious acting couple living in Beverly Hills. Hi other television work included the baseball teleplay Rookie of the Year (1955), directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, and Flashing Spikes (1962), a baseball television anthology installment directed by Ford and starring James Stewart, with John Wayne in an extended cameo role. Patrick played similar roles in both shows as baseball players.

After high school, he went to Loyola Marymount University, where he was a member of Alpha Delta Gamma fraternity. He he graduated in 1961. During this time, he struck out on his own to star in his own film The Young Land (1959). In 1961 Patrick enlisted in the United States Coast Guard. He supported his father in The Alamo, Donovan’s Reef, McLintock! and The Green Berets. Patrick also appeared in Ford’s sprawling epic Cheyenne Autumn (1964), as James Stewart’s son in Shenandoah (1965), in An Eye for an Eye (1966), The Deserter (1971), and in a lead role in The Bears and I for Walt Disney (1974).

Patrick co-starred with Ron Hayes and Chill Wills in the 17-episode ABC comedy-western series The Rounders in 1966 at age 27. It was based on the 1965 Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda film of the same name. Patrick also served a tour of duty with the United States Coast Guard.

Patrick portrayed Marathon John in commercials for Mars Inc’s Marathon candy bar throughout the 1970s.

Patrick Wayne Net Worth

Patrick has an estimated net worth of $12 Million.

Patrick Wayne Melanie Wayne

Marisa Wayne, Patrick Wayne and Melanie Wayne attended the John Wayne Cancer Institute’s 31st Annual Odyssey Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on April 9, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.

Patrick Wayne with his siblings

Patrick Wayne Michael Wayne

Michael who is the brother to Patrick was The John Wayne Foundation’s president and chairman of the board. Michael also was founder and chairman of the board of the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center.

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