Reggie Aqui Biography, Age, Parents, Husband, ABC7, KGO, Salary And Net Worth

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Reggie Aqui Biography

Reggie Aqui is an American anchor for ABC7 Mornings. He joined the station in October 2015 after anchoring at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. Prior to that, Reggie worked for CNN in Atlanta as an anchor for the network’s streaming news service, Live and as a freelance anchor for CNN International.

Reggie Aqui Age

Reggie was born in 1977 in Hawaii, the United States. He is about 42 years old as of 2019.

Reggie Aqui Parents | Where Was Reggie Aqui Born

Reggie in Hawaii to an American family. He was brought up in the neighborhoods of Hawaii and spent his childhood days there. He is very careful regarding his private life so he has not yet talked about his mother and father in public. Reggie has not even mentioned about them in his social media profiles as well. So not much is known about his parents and siblings.

Reggie Aqui Education

He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Reggie Aqui Husband |  Did Reggie Aqui Get Married | Reggie Aqui And Phil Heuring

Reggie has always been honest about his sexuality. He has openly declared that he is gay even before there were rumors of him dating other men. He married his long-term partner Phil Heuring in September 9, 2016.  At the moment, he is living in an apartment in San Francisco with his husband and their beagle-mix, Woodstock . Reggie ‘s husband always had been obsessed with Disney themed parks and currently works for a station owned by Walt Disney company.

Reggie Aqui Abc7 News | Reggie Aqui KGO

Reggie is an anchor for ABC7 Mornings. He came to the station in October 2015 after anchoring at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon. Reggie and Natasha Zouves began anchoring the morning show on December 21, 2015. The team also includes Jessica Castor and Mike Nicco,

Prior to working for ABC7 and KGW-TV,  Reggie  worked for CNN in Atlanta as an anchor for the network’s streaming news service, Live and as a freelance anchor for CNN International. During his time at, Reggie anchored CNN/Facebook coverage of President Obama’s inauguration, at the time the most viewed streaming event. He also largely covered the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising on CNN U.S. and the Japanese Tsunami disaster on CNN International.  He reported from Virginia Tech’s campus after the nation’s deadliest school shooting and traveled to breaking news across the country from wildfires in California to record snowfalls in upstate New York.

He started his career in Green Bay, Wisconsin at WLUK, followed by WDJT in Milwaukee and KHOU in Houston, Texas.

Reggie Aqui Photo

Reggie Aqui Salary | Reggie Aqui Net Worth

Reggie has invested several years in the journalistic sector. He has worked for prominent networks such as, CNN, ABC7, and KGT-TV which has helped him earn both recognition and better economic fortune. Although Reggie has not yet revealed his salary in clear figures, we suspect he has garnered a huge salary which contributes in his impressive net worth.

Reggie Aqui Dance

Dolly surprised Reggie live on the air by suggesting they end their  interview with a duet. Reggie stated that he will never do anything cooler than singing ‘Islands in The Stream’ with Dolly Parton.

Reggie Aqui  Questions after he was named one of People Magazine’s Hottest Anchors.

When did you find out you were going to be in the issue?

Reggie Aqui: No kidding, when I got an email from People Magazine telling me I was under consideration for the “sexy” issue this was the actual response I sent.

First of all, am I being punk’d? Second, as I just typed that I realized no one says punk’d anymore. Am I being catfished?

Assuming you aren’t actually a man who lives in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio trying to steal my social security number, thank you so much for considering me for this.

How did you react?

Reggie Aqui: I’m excited about it, it’s such a nice compliment. But the reality is I don’t feel like I belong in this issue at all. I’ve never seen myself as sexy or hot or any of that. Those other guys look great though! I would definitely be in a boy band with them.

What was it like being interviewed for the Sexiest Men Alive issue?

Reggie Aqui:The phone interview I did with one of People’s writers (Ana Calderone) had me convinced I lost any small chance I would be in the final list. She would ask me questions that I assume were supposed to elicit sexy answers. I gave her the least sexy responses she’s probably ever heard. The poor woman was trying to find out what I like in a hot date. I’ve dated exactly one person my whole life. I have no idea!

I had a suspicion I would be in the issue when a photo editor contacted me. I didn’t really know, though. And then this morning (Wednesday) I got a call from my partner Phil telling me he saw my photo on the Wendy Williams Show. I asked him, “For What?” I didn’t see the actual page from the magazine spread until a friend tweeted it to me.

What do you find sexy?

Reggie Aqui:: I think it’s really sexy when a good-looking person has a personality and a sense of humor. I’ve met some real 10’s in my life who brought nothing but face and body to the table. They plummeted to a zero for me.

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