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Rob Mayes Biography

Rob Mayes is an American actor, musician, and model. He is widely  known for starring as the title character in the 2012 horror comedy film John Dies at the End.

Rob Mayes
Rob Mayes

He also portrayed Tommy Nutter in the short-lived comedy-drama television series Jane by Design.

Rob Mayes Age

Rob was born on November 17, 1984 in Pepper Pike, Ohio. He is 34 years old as of 2018.

Rob Mayes Family

Robe was raised in Pepper Pike, Ohio. He was raised by his mother Diana. He has a younger brother, Alex,  who was born ten years after him. Rob began modeling when he was five years old.

Rob Mayes Education

Rob graduated from the University School in 2003 and then he attended Dulwich College in London and toured Europe with a singing group.

Rob decided to pursue a military career and attended the United States Naval Academy. He was also accepted into the United States Military Academy and planned to become a Navy SEAL, but left approximately 18 months later, citing desensitization and feeling like he was “becoming something [he] didn’t want to be.”

After leaving the military, he focused on songwriting and released a seven-track pop album called Glimpses of Truth.

Rob Mayes Girlfriend | Rob Mayes Dating | Rob Mayes Gay

Rob is currently single. He starred in Burning Blue(2013)a drama film,which is based on the 1992 play of the same name by Greer about a U.S. Navy accident investigation which becomes a gay witch hunt during the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era. Rob still not come out as gay.

Rob Mayes Photos

Rob Mayes Career

Two weeks after Rob moved to New York City in 2007, he was hired for a one-episode role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He played the lead role in the MTV musical television film The American Mall in 2008.

Rob had guest starring roles on Cold Case, Valentine, Bones, and Medium and played the lead role in the 2010 film Ice Castles.

He starred as John in John Dies at the End in 2012 , which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

He had a recurring role as Tommy Nutter in Jane by Design in 2013 and guest starring roles in NCIS, The Glades, and 90210. After a recurring role on The Client List, he portrayed Matthew Blackwood in the 2013 drama film Burning Blue, which was based on the 1992 play of the same name.

Rob played Troy Quinn in Legends in 2014 .

Rob Mayes Net Worth

His net worth is under review.

Rob Mayes Movies

  • 2018 – Deep Blue Sea 2 as Trent Slater
  • 2017 – Different Flowers as Blake
  • 2017 – Thor: Ragnarok as Asgardian Man
  • 2015 – Eden as Markese
  • 2013 – Burning Blue as Matthew Blackwood
  • 2013 – Enough Said as Waiter
  • 2012 – Melvin Smarty as Kilcline
  • 2012 – John Dies at the End as John
  • 2010 – Ice Castles as Nick

Rob Mayes Tv Shows

  • 2016–17 – Frequency as Kyle Mosbey
  • 2015–16 – Mistresses as Marc Nickleby
  • 2014 – Eden as Markese
  • 2014 – Beauty & the Beast as Patrick Franco
  • 2014 – Legends as Troy Buchanan
  • 2013 – Meddling Mom as Ben
  • 2013 – The Client List as Derek Malloy
  • 2012 – NCIS as Kyle Baxter
  • 2012 – Jane by Design as Tommy Nutter
  • 2012 – The Glades as Lucas Gardner
  • 2012 – 90210 as Colin Bell
  • 2012 – A Golden Christmas 3 as Bobby Alden
  • 2011 – Hound Dogs as Cash
  • 2010 – Medium as Young fireman
  • 2009 – Valentine as Matt Desanto as Acceptance
  • 2009 – Justin Smelling as Bones
  • 2009 – Trey Johnson as Sorority Wars as Beau
  • 2008 – The American Mall as Joey
  • 2008 – Cold Case as Jim Horn ’64
  • 2007 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Mark Schroeffel

 In an interview, Rob Mayes opened up to CelebMix about My Christmas Inn, favorite holiday movies and more.

What can you tell me about your upcoming Christmas movie: My Christmas Inn?

Rob: If I may, first things first, and just to clear up any ambiguity, and to just get this out of the way, it’s most definitely NOT a Halloween movie about a hotel.

Seriously though, it’s a fun and heartwarming story about the joys of living simply, with the ones you love, in a town you love. And let me tell you, we had a frickin’ blast making this movie in Utah in the middle of summer with fake snow!

How was it to work on set with Tia Mowry?

Rob:Amazing. Tia is incredible! She was such a joy to work with. We had so much fun together. There better be a sequel!

Can you relate to your character Brian Anderson in any way? 

Rob:Totally! Since I’m also an attorney/sleigh maker. What more can I say? Brian is close with his family, and I’m super close with mine. I’ve been told we kind of look alike. Also, the faux snow stuck to his shoes, and since I wore my own shoes in this movie, I suppose I can say the faux snow stuck to my shoes. The take away: Brian and I have sticky shoes.

How is this film different from the other projects you have worked on in the past?

Rob:Kidding aside, this one really felt like a family, from the moment I signed on. Maybe because our working title was FAITH & FAMILY. Or maybe not. Maybe because I loved the crew so much. Our hair and makeup team. Maybe it was the great, fun, down-to-earth cast, or our director, Peter. Long and short of it is – this one was way too quick of a shoot, and I’ll never forget this one.

What makes you excited about this film coming out and being shared with the general public?

Rob:I love this story! And I know I keep saying it, but we really had so much fun shooting it. I’m excited for you to see it and to share in that fun!

If you could go back in time and star in any Christmas film, which one would you choose? 

Rob:Oh man, one of my all-time favorites is Home Alone. I would have loved to have a been a part of it, but I wouldn’t want to star in it, or alter it in any way! It’s just too perfect of a movie to mess with.

What would you consider the theme of My Christmas Inn to be? 


Quick PSA: It’ll put a smile on your face.

Is there anything you learned from this project or took away from it? 

Rob:To have hope! To keep the faith! So much in life boils down to perspective. And we create our own perspective. To believe in and embrace the magic. That can be powerful stuff.

If you could tell everyone one thing about this upcoming film and why they should see it, what would you say?

Rob:I’m so happy and proud to be kicking off Lifetime’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” holiday movie lineup with this one!

Finally, what is your favorite holiday film and why? 

Rob:Home Alone! It’s a stand-alone classic, holiday or otherwise! It’s a perfect movie. I’ve seen it a million times, and each time I get lost in it again and again. There are such great characters. There’s hope, the humor, the world, the wisdom and the learned realization that family means so much. It tugs at the heart. We watch it every year! In fact, I might just decide to watch it tonight while I put up the tree I got off of Amazon.

Thank you, Rob Mayes, for the interview. We can’t wait to see what the reception to The Christmas Inn is like, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings you.

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