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Scott Peterson Biography

Scott Peterson is an American convicted murderer.  Currently he is on death row in San Quentin State Prison. He was convicted of the first-degree murder of his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and the second-degree murder of their unborn son Conner in Modesto, California in 2004. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 2005.  Scott’s case is currently on automatic appeal to the Supreme Court of California.

Scott Peterson Age

Scott was born on October 24 , 1972 in Sharp Coronado Hospital in San Diego, California. He is 46 years old as of 2018.

Scott Peterson Parents | Scott Peterson Mother

Scott was born, at Sharp Coronado Hospital in San Diego, California.  He is the son  of Lee Arthur Peterson, a businessman who owned a crate-packaging company, and Jacqueline “Jackie” Helen Latham, who owned a boutique in La Jolla called The Put On.  Though his parents had six children from previous relationships, Scott was their only child together. During his childhood he shared a bedroom with his half-brother John in the family’s two-bedroom apartment in La Jolla.

Scott Peterson Wife | Scott Peterson Children

Scott and his future wife Laci  first met at the restaurant in mid-1994.   Laci made the first move, sending Scott  her phone number. Immediately after meeting Scott, Laci told her mother that she had met the man that she would marry. Later Scott called Laci and they began dating. Their first date was at a a deep-sea fishing trip on which Laci got seasick.

As their relationship grew more serious, Scott put aside his dreams of professional golf in order to focus on a business path.  They dated for two years  and eventually moved in together.  After Laci graduated, in 1997,the couple married at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in San Luis Obispo County’s Avila Valley. While Scott finished his senior year his wife took a job in nearby Prunedale.

Prosecutors have revealed that around this time, Scott engaged in the first of at least two extramarital affairs.  However, they have not revealed a name or details of each relationship. In June 1998 Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural business. After their graduations, the Scott opened a sports bar in San Luis Obispo called The Shack.  This is contrary to a Los Angeles Times story that reported that Scott’s parents loaned him money to open the establishment, his parents emphatically told the San Francisco Chronicle that they did not, believing it was a bad investment.

When Scott and his wife had difficulty finding a technician to install a needed vent in the restaurant, Scott took the necessary certification course in Los Angeles in order to install it himself. Initially business was  slow, but eventually improved, especially on weekends. The Petersons sold The Shack in 2000 when they moved to Laci’s hometown of Modesto to start a family. The couple  purchased a three-bedroom, two-bath bungalow house for $177,000 on Covena Avenue in an upscale neighborhood near La Loma Park in October 2000.

Scott Peterson Amber Frey

When Scott’s wife Laci was seven months pregnant, Scott was introduced by a friend to a Fresno massage therapist named Amber Frey. Later in a public statements, Frey said Scott told her he was single, and the two began a romantic relationship. The last time Scott’s parents saw Laci was during a three-day weekend they spent together in Carmel, California the week before Christmas.

Scott Peterson Appeal | Scott Peterson 2018 |Scott Peterson 2019 | Scott Peterson Today

Cliff Gardner, Scott’s attorney, filed a 423-page appeal of Scott’s sentence.  It stated that the publicity surrounding the trial, incorrect evidentiary rulings, and other mistakes deprived scott of a fair trial. On January 26, 2015 the State Attorney General’s office filed their response brief . In July 2015,the defense filed a response to the State’s brief claiming that a certified dog that detected Laci’s scent at Berkeley Marina had failed two-thirds of tests with similar conditions.

The defense filed a habeas corpus petition in November 2015, claiming that a juror lied on her jury application, and that there was evidence that neighbors saw Laci alive after Scott left home.  The State Attorney General responded to the appeal on August 10, 2017, by filing a 150-page document contesting the notion disputing the claims put forward in the appeal. It stated that the appeal ignored “overwhelming evidence” that Scott murdered Laci. Donna Provenzano the supervising Deputy Attorney General  stated that the timeline of the crime was established by the neighbor who found the Petersons’ Golden Retriever, McKenzie, wandering in the street with its leash still attached, before the sightings of Laci and her dog. He also indicated, “Purported sightings of Laci were legion,” noting 74 reported sightings in 26 states and overseas, most of which she stated, were neither viable nor corroborated.

In December 2018 sixteen years after the Laci Peterson murder case captured national headlines, family members say they have evidence that shows her husband Scott  is innocent. Scott’s sister-in-law, Janey Peterson, made the claims on the Dr. Phil show. There is no question in Janey’s mind that Scott is an innocent man.

Scott Peterson Movie

In 2017, ABC aired a two-hour documentary on the case titled Truth and Lies: The Murder of Laci Peterson.
In 2017, the case was covered in A&E’s six part series, The Murder of Laci Peterson.
In 2017, Investigation Discovery aired a two-hour documentary titled Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery.
In 2017, HLN aired a two-hour program on the case titled How It Really Happened.
In 2017, the American cable channel Reelz aired a one hour special titled, Scott Peterson: What Happened?
Court TV covered the case with a documentary titled Scott Peterson: A Deadly Game.
He was mentioned in Episode 71 of the crime drama Cold Case, which opened with a prosthetic arm being found in a lake.
He was mentioned in the Tucker Max movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.
Peterson’s case was the topic of the eponymous, 2010 premiere episode of Investigation Discovery’s True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.
In September 2017, Peterson’s case was the topic of a segment of Dateline NBC, “The Laci Peterson Story: A Dateline Investigation”
In 2005, Peterson was portrayed by Nathan Anderson in the TV movie, Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution.
In 2015, the series Murder Made Me Famous covered the story in its second episode, which premiered August 22
In 2004, Peterson was played by Dean Cain in The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story.
In 2004, E! aired an episode of The E! True Hollywood Story on Laci Peterson.

Scott Peterson Death Row

A jury convicted Scott on November 12, 2004 of two counts of murder: first-degree murder with special circumstances for killing Laci, and second-degree murder for killing the fetus she carried.The penalty phase of the trial started on November 30 2004, and concluded December 13 2004 when the jury rendered a sentence of death.  Judge Alfred A. Delucchi followed the jury verdict on March 16 ,2005 sentencing Peterson to death by lethal injection and ordering him to pay $10,000 toward the cost of Laci’s funeral, calling the murder of Laci “cruel, uncaring, heartless, and callous”.

Scott Peterson Prison | Scott Peterson Murders

On April 18, 2003 Scott was arrested, near a La Jolla golf course. According to him   he was meeting his father and brother for a game of golf. He had dyed his naturally dark brown hair into blond.  His Mercedes-Benz was “overstuffed” with miscellaneous items, including nearly $15,000 in cash, twelve Viagra tablets, survival gear,camping equipment,  several changes of clothes, four cell phones, and his brother’s driver’s license, in addition to his own.

His father explained that Scott used his brother’s license the day before to get a San Diego resident discount at the golf course and that Scott had been living out of his car because of the media attention. However, police feared these items were an indication that he  planned to flee to Mexico, an idea with which prosecutors would later concur.

Scott was put on trial before Judge Nancy Ashley in Stanislaus County Superior Court on April 21, 2003 . Scott was charged with two felony counts of murder with premeditation and special circumstances: the first-degree murder of Laci, and the second-degree murder of Conner. He pleaded not guilty.

Scott had been represented by Kirk McAllister, a veteran criminal defense attorney from Modesto before his arraignment. Kent Faulkner a Chief Deputy Public Defender was also assigned to the case. Later Scott indicated that he could afford a private attorney, namely Mark Geragos, who had done other high-profile criminal defense work. A judge changed the venue of the trial from Modesto to Redwood City on January 20, 2004, because Scott was the victim of increasing hostility in the Modesto area.

Scott’s trial began on June 1, 2004, and was followed closely by the media. The lead prosecutor was Rick Distaso. Geragos led Scott’s defense. Fey a prosecution witness engaged her own attorney, Gloria Allred, to represent her. Allred was not bound by the gag order imposed on those involved in the trial. Although she maintained that her client had no opinion about whether Peterson was guilty, Allred was openly sympathetic to the prosecution. She appeared frequently on television news programs during the trial.

His defense lawyers based their case on the lack of direct evidence and played down the significance of circumstantial evidence. The lawyers  suggested that the fetal remains were of a full-term infant. They theorized that someone kidnapped Laci, held her until she gave birth, and then dumped both bodies in the bay. The prosecution’s medical experts claimed that the baby was not full term and died at the same time as his mother. Geragos suggested that a Satanic cult kidnapped the pregnant woman. He claimed Scott was “a cad” for cheating on his wife Laci, but was not a murderer.

Early in the trial Juror Frances Gorman was removed and replaced due to misconduct. Later Jury foreman and attorney Gregory Jackson requested his own removal during jury deliberations. Most likely because his fellow jurors wanted to replace him as foreman. Geragos told reporters that Jackson had mentioned threats he received when he requested to be removed from the jury. Jackson was replaced by an alternate.

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