Is Photography Allowed In Islam?

Muslims are present in almost every region of the world! Due to a survey, it has been noted that Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. People used to take its guidance in their daily day life and get benefits from it. But they face some problems in their daily day life and they want to get a complete guidance who to deal with them. Taking selfies, pictures, and photography is the trend in our society. Going anywhere and not taking picture gives the feeling of regret. And taking of picture increase when people go for Hajj and Umrah. Muslims used to take the pictures more than to perform the aspects of Hajj and Umrah because it is the Wish of every Muslims to see the house of Allah. And places from where the Islam started. Now going for Umrah and Hajj is much easier because there is now an affordable rate for Umrah visa. It is the most asked question by the Muslims that is Photography allowed in Islam? So today I came with the answer to it! And guide Muslims the best on this issue. The Photography is not allowed in Islam. It is strictly banned in Islam and doing it has a great sin and torture. The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) strictly banned the making of pictures and put a lot of stress in not making the pictures. There are many hadiths regarding making picture for where you can see the torture of it some of them are as follow, It has been reported by Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood that ones the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said as follow, “Those who will get the most severe punishments on the day of Resurrection will be the image-makers.” In another place, it has been reported by Abu Hurayrah that ones the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said as follow, “Allah, may he be exalted says: “who does more wrong than the one who tries to make something like my creation. Let him create a grain or kernel of corn.” It has been reported by Ibn Abbaas that ones the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said as follow, “Every image-maker will be in the fire of for every image that he made a soul will be created for him, which will be punished in the fire.” It has been reported that ones the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said as follow, “The angle doesn’t enter the house where there are the dogs and pictures” As we can see from the above hadiths that taking of picture is strictly banned and no-doubt they have a great sin. So we must not take the picture. so that we may be saved from the torture of Allah Almighty.