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Tara Lynn Biography

Tara Lynn is an American model.  She is from Tacoma, Washington. Tara is best known as a lingerie model for plus-size clothing.

Since she entered into the modeling world she  has starred in numerous controversial editorials, covered ELLE France, which deemed her “The Body,” fronted H&M’s “Big Is Beautiful” campaign, and worked with storied fashion photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier and Steven Meisel.

Apart from modelling Tara holds a degree in linguistics (she speaks French and Spanish) and is a classically trained singer who admires the work of 19th century French composers like Debussy and Fauré. In addition to belting out tunes, she spends her free time reading, writing, painting, and hanging with pals such as fellow plus-size model Robyn Lawley—who, for the record, makes a killer gluten-free French onion soup.

Tara Lynn Age

Tara was born on July 26, 1982 in Tacoma, Washington. She is 36 years old as of 2018.

Tara Lynn Weight

Tara has a body weight of 98 kg or 216 lbs

Tara Lynn Family

Tara was born in Tacoma, Washington, where she grew up. She is a daughter of Allen Lynn And Marie Lynn.

Tara Lynn Education

Lynn holds a degree in linguistics (she speaks French and Spanish) and is a classically trained singer.

Tara Lynn Model

Tara  attracted attention in the fashion world after being featured in V and in the French Elle’s plus-size fashion shoot. She went on and appeared on the cover of the June, 2011 Vogue Italia on the Spanish July 2010 XL-Semanal, in Elle-Québec and in Time magazine in 2010. She has also been featured Glamour. Tara appeared on the covers of various issues of Lucky Fall Jeans’ promotional magazine.

Tara has appeared in advertisings for H&M. When she was the covergirl for Elle, the picture was accompanied by the tagline ‘The Body’ implying that hers is the shape women should aspire to – rather than a slim figure.  Since then, she has become one of the faces of plus-size modelling. During an interview she admitted to being bullied at as a teenager: ‘I was a size 14/16 (UK size 18-20) in high school, and it wasn’t the easiest thing. (…) As a 16, I definitely felt like my weight was holding me back. I was supposed to have these bones protruding from my body and clearly that’s not the case, and not the way my body’s meant to be

Tara Lynn Plus Size Models

The plus-size model Tara who covers issue of ELLE Spain, has not only helped redefine the industry’s standards of beauty, but encouraged women of all sizes to embrace their natural shape, too.

In an interview in 2013 she said though she is one of the  plus-size models who have helped bring body diversity to the industry  it is hard to make clothes look great on big women.  The more fat there is on a body, the more variation there is in the shape of that body. Humans come in everything from a double zero, and even smaller, up to like a size 28. If  she make a coat in all of those sizes, she can’t put them all on the same rack at a store. Nobody’s going to be able to find their size. So it makes perfect sense to her to sell half the size in one section and half of the sizes in another. I would love to see better fashion for people my size and above, but it doesn’t offend me at all.

Tara Lynn Hot

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