Theresa Roemer Biography, Age, Husband, Closet, Bodybuilder, Book And Net Worth

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Theresa Roemer Biography

Theresa Roemer is an American Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor, Social Media Influencer, Author, Former Bodybuilder, Rado Host, You-tuber and Philanthropist. She is best known for her closet “she-cave” which is entitled as the world largest closet. She began her career as an aerobics teacher and later became a general manager of a health club and moved to California. In 1999 she won the U.S Open title holder for Body Building.

Theresa Roemer
Theresa Roemer
Theresa Roemer

Apart from that, She is a philanthropist. As being engaged in charity works, Theresa conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Child Legacy International, where she serves as a board member.

Theresa Roemer Age | Theresa Roemer Birthday

Theresa was born on September 27, 1961 in Nebraska, United States of America. She is 57 years old as of 2018.

Theresa Roemer Parents

Theresa was born in Nebraska, USA. There is no information regarding her parents. However, she has two siblings. Theresa was born as a six-week premature baby. During her childhood she was struck with rheumatic fever four times and the illness resulted in the murmur she has today. Doctors believed that she would not be able to do physical activities much. Later Theresa proved them wrong she spent every waking moment of her childhood outdoors with her brother who was her best friend. The happy family of Theresa had to face the terrible demise of her twenty-three years old brother from a heart attack. Death of brother devastated her more.

In Junior high, Theresa became a star basketball player. She worn a scholarship to Black Hills State University, South Dakota

Theresa Roemer Husband | Theresa Roemer Children

Theresa began a relationship with her boyfriend whose his name is unknown during her high school. She turned down the sports scholarship so that she could live with him. After dating for a couple of years they broke up. Later she wedded with her first husband and stayed with him for seven years. However, she never disclosed her ex-partner name, marriage date and location. Their wedding ended up in a brutal way and she recalled it as 7 years of hell.

After the divorce Theresa began an affair with a friend who worked as a coal miner. The couple got married and they shared a son named Michael Roemer who died in a car crash at the age of 19. Later there marriage ended when they suffered a tragic incident. One year later Theresa became pregnant A twins which gave her new hope in life.

In 2008 Theresa tied the knot with her third spouse named Lamar Roemer in Texas. She has five children which include three daughters tashina, Leslie, Lauren Morgan and two sons Maximillian and LB Roemer. Her husband is an executive in the energy business. As a couple the own 4 oil and gas companies as well as several other businesses.

Theresa Roemer Net Worth | Theresa Meyers-Roemer Net Worth

Theresa has an estimated net worth of $12.9 million US Dollars.

Theresa Roemer Closet | Theresa Roemer Clothing Line |Theresa Roemer Business

In 2012, Theresa and her husband moved into a mansion in the Woodlands, an exclusive part of Houston. “That’s when the closet became the closet,” Theresa says.

“I hold charity events in there all the time,” she says. “Women will pay a lot of money to hang out in my closet. For $100, they can come to my (17,000-square-foot) house, explore the closet, have their picture taken, drink Champagne and eat hors d’oeuvres in there. It’s kind of like a party. When I did this to benefit a women’s home, for example, we had 100 people in there.”

Theresa is a successful entrepreneur with more than 30 years experience. She continues to think outside the box and has an impressive list of accomplishments to prove it. Her insights in the fitness industry make Theresa a highly sought-after personal trainer. She has previously owned and operated her own health club and mentored young girls on fitness and nutrition through the highly acclaimed Barbizon Modeling Schools. Additionally, her fitness talents have been utilized by one of the Top 2 fitness chains in America.

As well as holding the title of Mrs. Texas United America 2010, and recently winning First Runner Up at the Mrs. United America 2010 pageant, Theresa also won Most Photogenic, People’s Vote Online and People’s Vote Audience in both of these pageants. She placed in various fitness and bodybuilding competitions between 1990 and 1999, and holds the bodybuilding titles of Miss Wyoming 1999 and Miss U.S. Open 1999. She is co-owner of an energy company, a certified personal trainer, a certified sport nutritionist, a licensed real estate agent, and serves on the board of directors for several entities. She also is an active spokesperson for the American Lung Cancer Association, Texas Children’s Hospital, and various other associations and organizations nationwide.

Theresa Roemer House

Currently, Theresa and her husband reside in $7million worth Texas house which has the area of two acres with nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. The mansion, which features Egyptian Crystal chandelier was built in 2005 and remodeled in 2013. Back in 2014, the couple listed their house for sale in $12.9 million.

Theresa Roemer Bodybuilder

Theresa placed in various fitness and bodybuilding competitions between 1990 and 1999, and holds the bodybuilding titles of Miss Wyoming 1999 and Miss U.S. Open 1999.

Theresa Roemer Philanthropist | Theresa Roemer Donations

Theresa relentlessly donates her time to various committees and charities at the local, national and international level and truly believes that the biggest thrill and reward in life is to GIVE. One platform very dear to Theresa is Child Legacy International, a non-profit relief organization that seeks to change the face of Africa from despair to destiny by increasing the quality of life and self-sufficiency through the development of sustainable programs.

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