Tina Patel (Journalist)

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When Tina joined CBS/KCAL as a reporter in October 2016, it marked a homecoming of sorts. Her initial foray into the world of broadcasting began as a research librarian at KCAL 9, and it was there that she first crossed paths with her future husband.

Tina’s return to Los Angeles brought her immense joy after a career that led her to various locations. She worked as a reporter and anchor in Seattle, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs, gaining valuable experience along the way. Throughout her journey, she played a pivotal role in launching news operations in San Bernardino, CA, and Wichita Falls, TX. She also assumed the role of news director for a television station in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A proud native of New Jersey, Tina initially made the move out West to attend the University of Southern California. Today, when she’s not on the air, she’s back at her alma mater, where she imparts her knowledge by teaching classes in broadcast writing and reporting.

In late 2018, Tina and her husband welcomed a new addition to their family, a baby girl.

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