Todd Gibson (Journalist)

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Todd Gibson, affectionately known as “Gibby” at the station, is a sports enthusiast who brings his passion for sports to life through his work. He boasts an impressive resume, having covered major sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup finals, along with numerous ACC games.

What sets Todd apart is his deep love for high school sports, which can be traced back to his own experiences as a quarterback and pitcher for Leipsic High School in northwest Ohio. For him, high school sports represent a purer form of the game, where young athletes play out of sheer love for their sport, driven by the spirit of teamwork and the bonds they share with their teammates.

Playing quarterback on a 10-0 team during his senior year in 1982, Todd’s fond memories of the camaraderie and competition continue to shape his passion for high school sports. He cherishes the unity and the sense of community that Friday night high school games bring.

Here’s a glimpse into Todd Gibson’s background:

  • Hometown: Leipsic, Ohio, a small town with a population of 2,000 in the northwest part of the state.
  • High School: As a high school quarterback, Todd played on a 10-0 team during his senior year in 1982, even though they didn’t make the playoffs due to a points system, which still stirs some frustration.
  • College: He graduated from Bowling Green in 1987.
  • Professional Career: Todd started his career at WNCT in Greenville in 1987, eventually becoming the sports weekend anchor. He moved to WRAL in 1995, where he covered high school sports regularly. He joined WNCN in 2003 and had the opportunity to shoot both the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup finals for the station. In 2011, he launched the Friday Night Blitz, a testament to his dedication to high school sports coverage.

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