Tom Hale (Journalist)

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With an impressive two decades of experience in forecasting DFW and Texoma weather, your expertise shines through your work at 1080 KRLD and KXII-TV.

During your tenure at KRLD, your dedication and skill in weather reporting were evident as the station received four Edward R. Murrow awards for continuous storm coverage. This recognition highlights your commitment to providing accurate and informative weather updates to the community, especially during critical weather events.

At KXII News 12, you continue to make a significant impact as the weekend meteorologist. Your expertise is further demonstrated as you step into the role of on-air backup for the Chief Meteorologist and Morning Meteorologist on weekdays. Being a part of the severe weather team adds another layer to your responsibilities, where you play a crucial role in keeping the public informed and safe during challenging weather conditions.

Your extensive experience and dedication in the field of meteorology have undoubtedly made you a trusted and respected figure in DFW and Texoma, ensuring that the community stays well-informed about weather developments.

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