Tom Harris (Journalist)

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Tom Harris embarked on his meteorology career in Corpus Christi in 1991, a journey that would span over two decades, providing weather forecasts in some of the most volatile regions in the United States.

However, the magnetic pull of the Coastal Bend always drew him back to South Texas. Here, he wears two hats, serving not only as a meteorologist but also as an 8th-grade science teacher at Hamlin Middle School. It’s here that Tom skillfully combines his deep-rooted passion for meteorology with the art of teaching, imparting knowledge and inspiration to the next generation.

Tom’s early years unfolded in a small logging community in the Pacific Northwest, and his academic pursuits led him to earn a bachelor’s degree from Washington State University. To further solidify his expertise, he obtained a Broadcast Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University and was duly recognized with the seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society in 2004.

Beyond his meteorological endeavors, Tom also boasts an impressive background as an environmental reporter. His keen interest in the great outdoors has driven him to explore and report on diverse topics, including alternative energy, climate change, artificial reefs, and the intriguing Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. He thrives on the experience of meeting new people during his reporting assignments, as he believes that it’s in these encounters that the most compelling stories take shape.

When he’s not immersed in the world of meteorology and teaching, you can often find Tom at sporting events, passionately cheering on his Hamlin students as they compete. He firmly believes that connecting with students is best achieved by supporting the activities and interests they hold dear. This dedication extends to coaching, where he has lent his expertise to guide young athletes in golf and track at Hamlin Middle School, making a lasting impact in their lives.

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