Tom Kippen (Journalist)

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Tom Kippen is the Chief Meteorologist for WJMN and, and his journey in meteorology has taken him to various places before returning to Michigan.

Born and raised in Warren, Michigan, Tom’s career has seen him live and work in West Virginia, Ohio, and Nebraska. He eventually returned to Michigan, where he joined Local 3 News.

Tom’s family roots in the U.P. hold a special place, as he spent most of his childhood summers in Curtis. This is where he developed a lifelong affinity for the Green Bay Packers.

His journey in broadcasting started early, as he began working at a radio station while still in high school. He later pursued his education in meteorology and broadcasting, graduating from the Mississippi State Broadcast Meteorology Program and Specs Howard School of Media Arts.

Over more than a decade, Tom has accumulated valuable experience in broadcasting, encompassing television news and weather. His commitment to the field is further reflected in his role as a trained weather spotter with the National Weather Service.

Outside of work, Tom finds joy in cheering for his favorite sports teams, exploring new places through travel, and even chasing storms.

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