Tom Konvicka (Journalist)

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Tom has an impressive career spanning almost five decades as the chief meteorologist at KALB-TV in Alexandria, Louisiana. His dedication to the field of meteorology is further complemented by his role as an author and an adjunct lecturer in meteorology at Louisiana College in Pineville. He also serves as a consultant, with his expertise in meteorology recognized through legal tender.

Tom’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Geosciences, which he earned from Texas Tech University in 1981. He also pursued graduate studies with the Atmospheric Science Group at Texas Tech in 1981-82.

His professional affiliations include memberships in the American Meteorological Society and The Author’s Guild. Tom’s contributions to meteorology have been acknowledged with several awards, including the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Lifetime Achievement Award in Television, which he received in 2016. This recognition highlights his significant impact and influence in the field.

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