Tom Schaad (Journalist)

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Tom’s tenure with 10 On Your Side began in 2007, where he assumed the role of anchoring the 5, 6, and 11 pm news, as well as WAVY News at 10 on Fox43. His exceptional work in journalism has garnered recognition, including three regional Emmy Awards for his series on football returning to Old Dominion University, along with several AP awards and Emmy nominations.

In the newsroom, Tom is a proponent of teamwork, recognizing the collaborative effort required in delivering timely and accurate news. He views the role of an anchor as that of a guide, tasked with informing the public in a concise yet calm and reassuring manner. This involves harnessing the skills of award-winning reporters and producers to paint a vivid scene that goes beyond the visual images presented.

Before joining the Hampton Roads community, Tom spent 12 years in Central Florida, where he juggled coverage of hurricanes, space shuttle launches, and NASCAR’s iconic Daytona 500. His career also encompassed chronicling the Florida Gators’ remarkable back-to-back NCAA titles in football and basketball. However, Tom’s most unforgettable experiences unfolded in 2004 when Orlando endured the onslaught of four hurricanes.

Amidst the chaos of nature’s fury, Tom learned to improvise and do whatever was necessary to get vital information on the air, a truly humbling experience.

In his personal life, Tom married Crystal in 2011, who is not only a former TV journalist but also a public relations executive and press secretary. Crystal has added to her repertoire the roles of sommelier and wine consultant, having embarked on her entrepreneurial journey.

Tom’s allegiance lies with the city where he grew up, Pittsburgh, and he passionately supports all the teams in the Black and Gold. He holds a BA degree in speech and journalism from Duquesne University, underlining his commitment to the field of communications.

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