Tom Sorrells (Journalist)

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Tom Sorrells is Central Florida’s most trusted chief meteorologist, known for his unwavering dedication to delivering precise weather reports tailored to your neighborhood.

Your safety is his paramount concern, driving him to diligently help you plan your day, navigate treacherous weather conditions, and remain prepared for any atmospheric challenges.

An Emmy award-winning meteorologist, Tom specializes in tracking storms, providing hour-by-hour updates as they traverse Central Florida. Notably, during the Florida hurricanes of 2004, he initiated “Talk Back to Tom,” a segment where residents from across Central Florida could call in for insights on the movement of hazardous storms and strategies to safeguard their families.

Tom’s exceptional work garnered Local 6 the esteemed Edward R. Murrow Award for journalistic excellence in its coverage of Hurricane Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. In 2002, he received an Emmy Award for his meteorology talent, underscoring his ability to present weather forecasts in an accessible and engaging manner. His meteorological skills also earned recognition from The Associated Press, with the Best Weather Operating Award during his tenure in Ohio in 1995.

Recognizing his accuracy and personable presentation, Tom holds the National Weather Association Seal of Approval and the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval.

Tom’s educational journey led him through Western Kentucky University, supplemented by further studies at Ohio State University. His career has spanned various U.S. markets, including Detroit, Columbus, and Myrtle Beach.

Beyond the Weather Center, Tom values quality time with his family in the picturesque surroundings of Central Florida. He’s not just a dedicated weatherman but also a committed husband and father. On pleasant days, Tom indulges in his hobbies of fishing and motorcycle riding.

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