Tom Wachs (Journalist)

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You are the weekday evening meteorologist at FOX6, and you’ve been a part of the FOX6 Weather Team since June 2014. Returning home has been a wonderful experience for you, as you’ve known since the tender age of 3 that you wanted to be a meteorologist. Your early fascination with the field was nurtured by former FOX6 Chief Meteorologist Vince Condella, and you even had the privilege of interning with him in high school. It’s truly a dream come true to work at FOX6.

Your journey led you from Mequon to the University of Oklahoma and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You eagerly dived into the world of meteorology through internships at TV stations in both Milwaukee and Oklahoma City, as well as The Weather Channel in Atlanta. Post-college, you spent two years as the Chief Meteorologist at KNOP-TV in North Platte, Nebraska, before moving to WJHL-TV in northeast Tennessee. It was in Tennessee that you met your beautiful wife, and together you headed to Kansas City, where you worked at KCTV for six years, handling TV weather and storm chasing.

Your dedication and expertise in meteorology earned you the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation (“CBM”) from the American Meteorological Society, making you one of the first 200 people in the country to achieve this recognition. Your talents also received due recognition when you were honored with the 2019 Best Weathercast Award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

When you’re not busy with your meteorological pursuits, you cherish time spent with your daughter and enjoy traveling with your wife.

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