TOM WRIGHT (Journalist)

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Your background in Missouri has instilled a sense of cynicism in you – a “show me” attitude that you hold dear. Since earning a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri in 1984, you’ve been living and working in Southeast Texas. This region has become home to you, and you’ve raised your children here. Much of your professional journey has been closely tied to KFDM-TV.

In your role, you’re involved in various aspects of reporting and management. You can be seen reporting on community events on “Live at Five,” and on Fridays, you share your passion for movies as “The Movie Guy” during “News at Noon.” Additionally, you contribute to the KFDM News management team as the Managing Editor.

Throughout the years, you’ve had the opportunity to produce several shows, covering a wide range of topics, from “Larry Beaulieu: A Life in Broadcasting” to stories about natural disasters like “Hurricane Ike: Wind and Surge” and “Hurricane Rita.” You’ve explored various subjects, from marine life in “Gardens Under the Sea” to the history of Spindletop in “Gusher: The Story of Spindletop.” Your dedication to engaging with the community is evident in shows like “KFDM Listens.”

In your personal life, you find joy in staying active, tending to your garden, backpacking, and indulging in the world of ideas. Music is a significant part of your life, and you’ve been a part of the band “Buffalo Blonde” for the last decade. Your observations about the people of Southeast Texas highlight their caring and giving nature, always ready to respond when needed. The dynamic weather in the region keeps life interesting, and the mild Southeast Texas winters are certainly a bonus.

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